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    2 checkout just sent me this email closing account

    Hi there I only signed up with 2 checkout 2 days ago and had just put the customs headers on and put it up on the site. Now I get this email today?

    Dear Merchant,
    > The following comment was added by the 2CheckOut Team,
    > Please find other payment source, account closed
    > [email protected]

    Can someone tell me whats going on? did i sign up wrong or something was my adress different from the payment I have emailed them but got no response I dont understasnd whats going on the site i have isnt junk, so i dont know whats happening and find an email like this is not the best to infom someone of something like this. any ideas? why?
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    It looks like your method of payment was unacceptable, or your card may have been declined. How did you pay? And this really isn't the best place to seek answers about this as we do not know the circumstances of the case. I'd contact 2checkout.


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    I have but never heard from them i am from canada and decided to use paypal to pay and it said to then go through the check part to sign up with the paypal number. If this was the case what kind of email is this why did they just say something and i could have went and payed with my credit card

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    and im asking here because i cant get answers from them , even after marking the ticket as serious

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    There is a user here on the forums, TomD from 2Checkout that might be able to assist you more on this. As Waylon said, it is hard for any of us to guess at what the problem might be.

    Are your products or services in any kind of high-risk or typical "unacceptable" category? And are you sure the e-mail you got was legitimate? (i.e. not a cleverly designed spam of some kind like the many that we get each day from "PayPal") - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    nothing is unacceptable i have a banner program suppose to start in two days and a ton more products to add still and now i lose my payment processor if anything is unacceptable like a category i could easily take that one down, this is really not a good way to do business an email like this just like that , do they not know people might be spending alot of money promoting something then just to have your payment processing taken down, i dont know what i'm going to do now. not only that it is it gone but its more the way they did it and the email thats all it says. like come on. and its a real email cause i cant sign in a 2checkout the site is at would you think anything goes against there TOS

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    "this isnt the best way to seek answers about this"

    well what should you do if you mark emergency tickets and get no reply?

    this isnt the best way to send an email to a company!
    what sort of professional business does this?

    It's this email that has really pissed me off.

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    funny thing is, this is the name i made the paypal payment to. I hope to God this isnt the owner or something cause what a freakin joke if it is, if this guy acts like this in his communication can you imagine the rest of them

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    so, what was the problem behind this problem? how did you managed to get what fixed?

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