I was looking for a few suggestions for a Client we have been working with. Here is the scenario:

They have about 150 employees that use email during the day. Now the volume of emails sent is pretty low, only about 2-400 megs a day. They currently have a MS Exchange server set up on their LAN but there are issues with that which I do not want to get involved with. I don't want to just edit an MX record and send all the mail there, bypassing the AV we will set up for them either.

What I would like to do is have each employee access email via their Outlook client. However doing this runs into another issue which they need addressed. They want back up of all the mail in the event one of the desktops die they won't lose all the email. The kicker is that they need the back up to be email address specific.

So I am looking for a few suggestions as to how:

1) I can back up their email every night email address specific and separately from the normal full account back ups.

2) I can allow the number of connections to the mail server they would need to have going. (During the day all the employees would be actively using their mail and the max connections are going to get hit pretty quick).

We have a couple ideas on how to accomplish this but so far I think this could be done more efficiently than what we have come up with thus far.

Thanks for any input!