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    * need good news editor

    Hi ...first of all i hope u like the site

    This is a website i made myself with help of a friend ...I get tired from updating content as i post 2-3 articles and maybe more i need to integrate a news system that allow my editors and reporters to submit news directly...i guess a php nuke will do the job but:

    ui need to keep my graphical content and just use the white area at the right to post the news...i have no knowleg\dge about html, php anor cgi.

    i am moderate dreamweaver4 user and fair photoshop user.

    please help me fins a best solution that won't ruin my design...

    also if u have suggestions to improve my site please share them with me

    url is:

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    what you need is a blog/news script. Don't have my bookmarks w/ me right now, but try searching for:
    [list=1][*]b2[*]Graymatter[*]Movable Type[/list=1]
    Those are the ones I have heard most recommended. (great sentence structure!!)

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    If you want it automated and easy to update then you have to use one of the cgi/php scripts. You can try newspro (you can find the url for this from
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    i already installed it

    I ahve newspro i nsytalled but i have no experience how to custiomize it to fit my needs

    I was thinking of php-nuke but everyone told me that it will ruin my design and i don't know if i can customise it or not

    i need help with the install it gives me errors

    i am not good with html so i cannot customize the templates of grey matter and newspro well.. i guess i need help from a more experiebnced and helpful guy

    where i can get such help?

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    I have php i can customize it so it can fit with my design?

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