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Thread: chat server?

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    chat server?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to set up a chat server, like
    I am not sure if this is something I can do it myself, or my host has to set it up. Anybody has any suggestion how to start on this?


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    You would probably need a dedicated server to do that. You need some sort of IRC Server software installed like ConferenceRoom from If you are using linux there is probably cheaper ones out there but I don't know linux well enough to tell you. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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    I can help you with this.

    All you need is an ircd and either 1) IRC services or 2) a network to link to.

    The cost for this type of service from me would be $10 for the ircd, an additional $5 if you want to run services.

    This is probably the cheapest you will find.

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    There are several implementations of ircd available for Linux/Unix. A notable one is the one for Undernet, which I once successfully ran as a test (did not use it in real environment):

    Before you go with this solution though (as it requires a lot of time on your part for maintenance, depending on server usage) you should consider if creating a channel on an already popular network such as EFnet or Undernet would be sufficient for you needs. If you really want to run your own system, a Java-based system which works easily on your website might also be a nice and easy solution for you if you are not too much depending on such a chat system.

    Good luck

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    Thank you all for your replies, looks like I'll have to look for alternate solutions as I don't think paying 15$/mn extra is worthwhile for my site. A java-based software sounds something promising.

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    Bahamut for the ircd, and Anope for the services are the best if your a newbie.

    Also, Try using ventrillo voice chat. Very nice app

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