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Thread: Selling Domains

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    Selling Domains

    how do you sell domains on your site? do you need a liscence or something? Do you get to chose your own rates? How do many different people sell domains? Is there a master database of registered domains?


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    You need an infrastucture, or you will just be a reseller. There is little money in the biz, unless you can make a large capital infusion. The days of Network Solutions is dead, thank God. Jay Rome

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    but how do you do it?

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    You can get a reseller account from many people on these forums. People will give you an $8.95 reseller account for free, and you can sell domains at whatever price you like, but it will cost you $8.95 each domain.

    You can also get $6.95 accounts, if you're prepared to pay about $300-500(give to take) for the account.

    From memory I think sells them a bit cheaper, but finding an enom reseller account is usually your best bet.

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    I have Enom account with my reseller hosting package...but the domains are $15.00.

    Is there any provider out ther that I can get, to bet the prices of GoDaddy?

    The best price I have been able to get is $7.99, but that does not include URL forwarding, email forwarding...anything except the reg of the domain.

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    Ultimately, ICANN is the domain registration "authority" that grants registration to allow domain registrars to directly sell domain names. There are certain financial and other requirements and I think there is still some license fee paid to NetSol but my info is a little dated on this.

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