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    Question Deciding between two...

    (I hope this was the correct forum to post in.)
    Hi, I'm new here and looking for help with deciding on an inexpensive, reliable web host.

    Before anyone tells me to: yes, I've already used the search.

    I've found lots of results involving JaguarPC but not much on Netspace Internet.

    • JaguarPC: Mixed reviews, but mostly good ones. I can confirm it's not another scamming company, but I want to be sure that I can get fast and good service. They seem to have a good reputation here, for the most part. Being in business since 1998 sounds like it's a stable company and it's not going to be gone anytime soon. A few individuals (some outside USA) are the only ones with problems. I also like their GigaDeal plan (but no limit on number of users per machine?) and am highly considering signing up over others.
    • Netspace Internet: Close to nothing came up in the search results. Their offers seem "too good to be true," but I can't find verification on quality of service. I found no complaints but no praise either. The plans offered at NI seem much less expensive and do fit my needs, but I have no idea how it actually is. They've been in business since 1999 (first two years under another domain), so they seem pretty solid too. It's just that most people say not to believe offers like the ones that NI provides. If they really were too good to be true, then why would they still exist?

    I hope someone or some people can help me on this. I'm actually putting my site online for a school project and I need something that'll be up and running by the end of this week.

    (Also, if there are other, better hosts, please inform me of those too. Keep in mind that I'm a jobless high school student and my budget is very limited. Anything above $12 per month is not possible. )

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    What are your requirements in terms of bandwidth and space?

    Also - *poke* jobless HS student, *pokes again,* go get a job!

    Brendan Diaz

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    I have no time for a job at this moment. SAT and AP tests are coming up in a couple of weeks and my sports season is almost over, so we're training harder.

    Thanks for replying, though.

    My site requirements would not be that high to start off with, but my previous site somehow soared into the 80 GB / month bandwidth usage. Most of the load on the old site (hosted free by a friend) was based on file downloads, so I cut back drastically on the layout of the site and the amount graphics was close to none.

    The new site will be a little bit heavier on HTML and images (especially in the layout and theme) and videos. I'm expecting almost no traffic to start with, but I'm hoping the amount of transfer can cover the pictures and videos. My friends and I will be demonstrating gymnastics moves among other things, so videos will be posted.
    I'm also thinking of starting another gaming site (as my previous one was) but I'm a bit afraid of exceeding the bandwidth limits again...

    Here are my guesses: Maybe up to 1 GB of space for videos and everything else combined, and around 10-20 GB total transfer. I just want to have "backup" bandwidth. It makes me feel safer.

    One question before I get too far: HTML, images, videos, and other downloaded files all count toward the bandwidth / traffic / transfer limits, right? I don't want to find out that downloads have another limit of their own.

    Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

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    I think if you can't find anything about a host, most likely they are new or simply do not have many clients. I personally would have diffiuclty signing up with anyone that was impossible to find information about.

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    I think you're right about clients. Maybe I'll just have to wait for one of the owners to drop by and tell us the whole story.

    JaguarPC's forums seem to be a lot more active. Netspace Internet's are mostly for announcements and I could see many nameserver (I think) reboots happening lately for component installations.

    I'm still stuck, but a little tending toward JaguarPC now. I hope I'm not one of those unlucky people that get bad service. I'll follow the advice I got somewhere else and "pre-mail" to see how fast / good the companies' responses are.

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    I personally would have difficulty signing up with anyone that was impossible to find information about.
    Me too. Also it seems to me that you have some serious needs in both space and transfer. Be prepared to pay for them. I heard of some hosts that offer discounts for students. Maybe try the host quote and specify that you're a student and you're looking for a discount or something like that.

    It's been said here that $1/gb of traffic is a good rule of thumb. The cheaper the plans, the bigger the chance of trouble. there are some exceptions though.

    Seing your budget and requirements I thought about Lunarpages, Micfo... Some other options would be hostrocket and midphase...

    If you'll have some content on your website you could run google adsense and get some revenue which might help to pay for hosting.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much.

    I think I should first get my parents' permission before submitting our address and such, but maybe that could be useful. However, the time it could take is 7 days, which is a bit too long in my case.

    $1 / GB is definitely not what either of the hosts follow, but they both seem to be established companies. I saw somewhere that JaguarPC owned their datacenter and could afford to offer less expensive plans.

    I actually was considering midPhase too. I guess I just forgot about them.
    They seem to have good plans too. The results seem very similar to JaguarPC's: few dissatisfied customers, but many with companies owned / bought by midPhase.
    I have not seen any particularly discouraging messages about their service so far; I may just go with them in the long run.

    LunarPages' 800 MB just doesn't seem to be "enough" for me. It might suffice in the beginning, but I hate moving around.

    I've never heard of Micfo, but thanks for introducing them. Their service and machines seem top-notch. The plans are comparable to any of the other ones mentioned as well.

    I also just found OnSmart. They've got about the same plan as everyone else here too...

    It seems personal experience is the only way to tell a good host for someone from a bad one.
    If I can't decide by the end of tomorrow, I'll go with the oldest company and hope they stay alive for me.

    I've heard good things about Google AdSense. Do you have an estimate of how much I could earn with a site that receives 1000 unique hits and 35000 pageviews per day? I know it depends on people who click, but I could always tell my friends to do so.

    As for the student-discount thing, does it actually exist?

    [ I just checked - none of the hosts I named were on the list. ]
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    Some hosts may offer a student discount, though I've never heard of that before lol.

    As for the 1.00 per GB rule, yes, that's a "good" rule, however doesn't always hold true. You see many hosts these days offering 50+ GB of bandwidth for 20.00 per month, simply because many of the larger more established companies can afford it.

    There are PLENTY of companies out there, don't jump the gun on the first few you see. Take your time, look around, and contact the various hosts asking them for more information.

    Brendan Diaz

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    I'll try to do that. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of much time here.

    I need a host by this weekend so I can upload it. Right now I'm running my site locally and just finishing off the template and main pages that I'll be using.

    I see why you emphasized plenty. Every other person on this message board is a hosting provider themself!
    Though I'd have liked to help out starting hosts, I have to go with the least expensive plan right now and hopefully earn enough money off of stuff I do on the site to be able to upgrade or whatever.

    I'm going to do some more searching on here and Google tomorrow and hopefully make my choice. Now I have dinner to eat and a speech to write and memorize for tomorrow.
    God damn school.

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    Netspace Internet's are mostly for announcements and I could see many nameserver (I think) reboots happening lately for component installations.
    Yup, the reboots for components and patches are for Windows server. Everytime some thing is installed or reinstalled, it wants a reboot.

    I saw somewhere that JaguarPC owned their datacenter and could afford to offer less expensive plans.
    Yes, that is correct -- both Bandwidth and hardware deployment get cheaper. We're just trying to catchup with that business model by going the colocation route since Oct 2003 -- which also allows a very flexible operation in terms of Bandwidth and hardware deployment.

    Regarding the clients in forums and reviews -- this has been discussed many many times on WHT before. We have around 170 customers and host over 1100 sites. We do get people all the time saying thank you, you're cool and you are gr8 etc. and some go quite overboard -- but these are all in response to support requests and in the ticket system.

    As a general thumbrule -- people who get irked by problems go and post gripes on public forums. Yes, there are general dogooders and "talkative" customers who would post reviews when everything is going good -- but somehow we don't seem to have any of those.

    Even the few charities who who have sponsored hosting from us haven't posted a review and neither the ones who have sponsored hosting in exchange for ads Hey, even my cousin who has had free hosting for long hasn't posted on WHT -- he doesn't even visit Web Hosting forums !!

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    I think that you'll be able to find the host that will suit your requirements - so try Host Quote or Google search. (may be "affordable web hosting" or "cheap web hosting")

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    Hmm...HQHost, recommend only a "affordable web hosting" search -- your ranks for "cheap web hosting" have dropped. But still really great SEO work with the #6 rank in google.

    In fact, had saved your links page last week and going to get the same backlinks for own site, since they are working well for web hosting searches Not ashamed of copying someone's success model

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    Well, thanks for the support to everyone that helped.

    Considering the factors, I think I'm currently safest with JaguarPC overall. Unless someone can present me with a truly better plan, I'll be signing up soon to see how it goes.

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