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Thread: Vsftpd jailing.

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    Vsftpd jailing.

    Hi there. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in the past.

    My name is Kendall and I have a few questions.

    I have a server that I am using right now as a learning experience with linux. I am not making any profit off of it at all.

    However I am hosting some sites for some friends and I would like to allow them ftp access to their website directory.

    I have been able to jail them under their home path.

    However I would like to jail them as follows, so it coincides with their domain name.

    /var/www/html/ where user1 has access here.
    /var/www/html/ where user2 has access here.
    /var/www/html/ where user3 has access here.

    I have virtual directories setup via httpd.conf and this is working perfectly.

    I was also thinking maybe it was as easy as when I create a user instead of setting their home path to /home/user set it to /var/www/html/

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    try to use pure-ftpd ... it has all your requirements and very very easy to install.

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    Thanks for the info. But I was able to get it to work. I now just have to install FP2004 extensions and I should be on my way.

    Thanks anyhow.

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    Hi Silvershark,

    Can you share the method you used to solve your problem.


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    I went about solving my problem by creating a regular user with a password on my server (not a virtual user). I then went ahead and disabled their ssh access to my server as well as any other form of access that might enable them to acess my server besides ftp.

    I created the user with a home directory with the following example.

    Username: User
    Password: xxxx
    home directory: /var/www/html/

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    Thanks for sharing!

    I'm curious, could you have also changed the home directory vsftpd sends them to? Like make it their /var/www/html/ directory?


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    I am not really sure.

    I just added these lines to my vsftpd config file so it would automatically send the user to their home dir based upon how you created the user in linux.


    And of course, set Anonymouse enabled to disabled.

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