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    Need program/script/tool to automate ftp download and delete

    I have a directory on a remote server that contains many files.

    Every day at 9:00pm, I need to:

    1) "get" all the files in a certain remote directory to a local folder. Retry if the connection fails or the download is aborted, or whatever else goes wrong.

    2) confirm each file on the remote folder was downloaded successfully and now exists on the local server

    3) delete the "old" files from the remote folder that were just downloaded.

    Does anyone know of a utility or script that can do this? Can I do it with wget?

    It MUST use the FTP protocol, because we don't have any control over the remote software to install any other software.


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    Assuming your are doing this from a unix host, take a look at "ncftpget". Should allow you to do what you want without any need for a script (it supports all the options you mention). Just figure out your parameters and throw it in crontab.

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    You should be able to use wget or ncftp to transfer the files. As far as verifying them goes, I'm not sure... I would normally just use rsync, but I guess that's not an option here. Do you have ssh access to the remote server?

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