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    Short term server admin service?

    Hi all, looked over many threads but haven't found what I'm looking for.

    Can anyone make a suggestion about a service that does the following?

    Short term support to cover things like vacation or long weekend periods when we are short staffed.

    Most firms seem to do server admin only, on a monthly contract. I want some service who will answer support tickets (most preferably using OUR helpdesk) for a few days at a time, when we are stretched really thin due to a staffers vacation or a long weekend.

    I end up covering usually and I need a break!

    Angelnetworkz offered this but I just rec'd an email from Tara that they don't anymore.

    Any suggestions of a someone who provides a good service?

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    If it is pure server admin work, then most of the companies I posted on should work out for you.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Check out the employment section of the forums. They might have people that are looking for money on a short term basis. You could check out CheetaWeb as well, although I dont know if they would do short term work.

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