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    Talking Give it to me!

    Hey, I was just working on a new layout for Exinant, a hosting company. It's the first time I made a layout in about 5 months, so I'm still rusty.

    What I was going for was a simplistic layout, yet effective. Fast loading - but enough graphics to make it look complicated. I'm about 50% done, and I'm planning to add some flash to the header/nav.

    Here's what I got: copy.png

    Oh, keep in mind I used a boxedart template for the header (I'm a registered user) because I'm not too good at making banners. I just took the concept and basically made it my own. I changed it around a lot, though. The rest of the layout is my own creation.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Its nice, some of it was hard to read (dark text/dark background).
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    I think the header should be a little smaller, also the colours don't flow .... try using red more often and maybe lightening the background behind the plans
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    I agree with 4 degrees, the header has too much free space. You have to change font colors, as it is hard to read (top of navs)

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    Moved to site reviews.

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    this is site review isnt it, anyways, lookin good and its somewhat pretty unique
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    It looks pretty good.

    My only complaint is that the computer tower near the top, looks somewhat out of place.

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