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    Calculator Script...but what's it doing?

    I ran accross this program in my math book today and I wasn't sure what exactly it's doing. Below is what it says it does, and then the actual script.

    "Helps you find the quotient and remainder when you divide a polynomial of the form ax^2 + bx + c by a binomial of the form x - r. You enter the values of a, b, c, and r when prompted."

    : Disp "ENTER A,B,C"
    : Prompt A: Prompt B: Prompt C
    : Disp "ENTER R"
    : Prompt R
    : Disp "OF QUOTIENT:"
    : Disp A
    : Disp B+A*R
    : Disp "REMAINDER:"
    : Disp C+B*R+A*R^2

    One example I tried out was (b^2 + 9b - 7) / 3b. I worked out all that it displays and I get the following:

    A = 1
    B+A*R = 9
    C+B*R+A*R^2 = -7

    I get (b/3) + 3 - (7/3b) when I work it out by hand, and a teacher of mine got the same thing. What exactly is this program finding, since it obviously isn't any coefficients?
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    I got a D in my math exam, i dont even know what a coefficient is - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    It's finding wrong results

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