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    Lightbulb Systems Administrator looking for Work.

    Right now I need a bit of extra money to help make ends meet, so I turn to you, fellow WHT Members. =)

    I'm fluent with the following OS's.

    Redhat Linux (6.2, 7.x, 8.x, 9.0)
    Debian Linux
    SUSE Linux (9.x)
    Gentoo Linux
    FreeBSD 4.x 5.x
    OpenBSD 3.4
    Sun Solaris
    Solaris x86
    NT 4.0
    Windows 2000 Server

    I've used BASH scripting quite a bit, and am familiar with Perl/MySQL. I have setup and configured multiple Gameservers for gamehosting companies, (Counterstrike, Unreal 2k3/2k4, Quake 3, etc). In a nutshell, if it's an Administration issue, I feel confident in saying that I can fix it.

    I used to work at one of the larger Webhosting companies as a Lead Tech over Dedicated Services (Yeah, you've heard of this company, trust me ), Where I handled the security model for all Dedicated Servers. I reduced the turnaround time on hacked Redhat boxes from 45 minutes after racking the box to next to none. This same model was applied to all *nix based dedicateds and was very successful in preventing security intrusions.

    I've built with my own hands somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-300 dedicated servers (this is just a guess), so I'm VERY familiar with hardware. How it works under differeing OS's and how to deal with it when it goes bad.

    I'm currently looking for remote work, such as tickets, or server administration. I'm easy to get along with and believe that I can add a definite value to your services.

    My resume and references are available upon request.
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    resume, availability and compensation requirements to email in sig, please.

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    call 1-877-MY-RUSKO or paul [at]

    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    May I know your expected pay?

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    Please send all resume, references to me to dave [at] Where are you located?
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    I'm pretty much open on pay as of right now. Some services will cost more than others. It's something I'd like to discuss on more of an individual basis right now.

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    I am very interested. I would like to speak on the phone. If that is an option, please PM me your phone number and name. Thanks!

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    Please send resume, references and pay requirements to admin[at]

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