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Thread: iRacks?

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    I have a dedicated on iRacks and the schedulded downtime of 4th april, my server don't works.
    I have contacted them trough their support desk and they asked me each time that have a tech on it. But it still don't works and I don't have any answer since the 13 April.
    I don't understand what is going on. It is why I post here in hoping that they will do something.

    What's going on?

    Am I the only one that have problems?
    I hope you can help me

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    Wow, that's pretty absurd. I hope they work this out for you, and I'm assuming you'll get a nice % of your money back this month...

    Brendan Diaz

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    Thie network always used to be up and down like a yo-yo so this does not surprise me from them, take a look through a rather long thread a few months back

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