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    starting a hosting service

    i am currently researching the information i need to start my own hosting company. There are a few questions i need answered, thanks in advance with any help i recieve.

    Firstly i am looking for a alternative control panel to cpanel for a *nix based operating system, im looking for it to run on FreeBSD 5.2 and a linux system running the 2.6.4 kernel.

    If when i start i only want to rent servers from a existing datacentre, so as i am not going to all the trouble of building my own servers finding a secure holding office and then the business not to take off. so really what are the general procedure's for renting servers, obviously i would need complete root access, linux servers, and the ability to add/remove software configure the whole operating system and even install operating systems.

    Also about FreeBSD being used as a server, i know a few people who use this. Is it a recommended server operating system? also i would not want to go anywhere near the regular RH server OS as i personally dont like it and dont feel as competent with it.

    And can i ask if anyone has links to tutorials preferably full PDF files not webpages on the following, can you please post a link to which i could download it from:


    I know a bit about each but i would like to read up on some info just to make sure i know and understand everything.

    Thanks for your time

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    Well if you want to start with a semi-managed server you can try They offer RH or FreeBSD.

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    As instead of Cpanel, DirectAdmin is a great control panel! You should give it a try!

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    FreeBSD is a great server OS. Like all the others it has a few problems... Not nearly as many as windows, and I think it's a little better for serving than a linux because they don't rush. The downside is hardware support and fancy-new-tech support comes slow or not at all. Also it's harder to find programs that'll run natively and reliably. The main problem with freeBSD as a server is the admin most of the time I think, just like with everything else.

    I currently run 3 FreeBSD (4.9, 5.2, 5.2) 2 Linux (Debian ..sux.., and gentoo which I don't admin personally but which seems much better) and 1 windows 2k3 advanced which I don't manage either. Windows needs updating so much you just expect it, so it's not so bad. FreeBSD will run solid for years without a SERIOUS security thing that's inherant in the OS (ie not that openssh thing). And Linux had a fat kernel problem that forced me to disallow shells on the debian machine (yeah I know it's just a little kernel patch... but I don't feel like it).

    Bottom line: thumbs up on freeBSD ESPECIALLY if you feel competent with it.
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    We use FreeBSD 4.9/4.8 on the majority of our servers, and we run the H-Sphere server management/Control Panel system. We have one redhat server which is our controlpanel server, but we are thinking of migrating it to FreeBSD.

    Take a look at H-Sphere if you want an awesome alternative to Cpanel, and it has an integrated billing/support system to boot! ( is the site)

    You may want to start out with a reseller account, or at least a semi-dedicated server to build up your client base, so you aren't eating a $100-200/mo cost for your server while you don't have enough accounts to cover your costs.

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    I echo amish_geek's recommendation of H-sphere. It is so much more than a control panel. It really does put all the pieces together so you can run a hosting company with just that one system.

    The support from the company is very good, too, and there is a very helpful community of H-sphere users. If you are serious about runnning a hosting company the right way, take a look at it.
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    H-Sphere is awesome.

    The others are "just another control panel," while H-Sphere provides complete hosting automation.

    And unlike others, you can add on servers as you grow, and manage the operating from one central area.

    The servers can be at different data centers; and for Web servers you could have Windows/IIS, FreeBSD and RedHat (Apache).

    The entire ROI picture is awesome.

    Thank you.
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    thanks for the replies, H-Spere definetely looks like its what im after and it seems that it has the fairest licencing costs.

    A reseller account was an option, however to do that i really need a very competent and well trusted company to purchase the reseller account from.

    Im going to set up a localhost, play around with configurations and software before going into the purchasing servers stage. There are still a few minor details on Apaché that i need to get to grips with.

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    If you are looking for a well trusted host for a reseller account, i would recommend a friend of mine who does so. I think his delicated service deserve my praise.

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    H-Sphere all the way. I started with it several years ago and still stick with it. I don't trust anything else.

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