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    Unhappy Darwin/DSS/Media Streaming Server

    yikes. what did i get myself in to?

    I've downloaded DSS and installed into a Win2003 box.

    Where to begin...

    1. Setting up the play list seems to big headache.
    2. get screwy error log msgs.
    3. Mozilla doesn't like the "rtsp" protocol for some reasons....

    if you're reading this far....I'll try to explain further:

    1. I can play the sample files DSS comes with using the QT player directly via rtsp://host/ however, when I try playing my own MOV files, such as the spiderman trailer, I can't even set it up in DSS's "playlist." I get an error message to the effect the server wasn't able to start/stop the server.

    2. DSS says that I do nothave "qtusers" and "qtgroups" setup. But, i logged some user has been setup already.
    Note: I hope this doesn't mean I need to setup an account for every web customer that comes to my site.

    3. somehow, firefox aka mozilla, doesn't understand the rtsp protocol. however, i suspect, that's because i'm using an alternative QT player on one computer.

    Anyhow, any tidbits of advice will surely help my poor soul.

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    that what you get for using a buggy piece of garbage. Install Windows Media Services and ditch the QT ASAP.

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    ok, i'm going to ignore you.

    so far, i want to know if you need to make a "*.mov" file "hinted" so that DSS can stream it? Is this true?

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    jeez...thanks to the many replies, I was able to make some progress.

    so far, i have the files uploaded to the server and they're running when i access the files from the website. however, the problem is the usage of port 80 for both dss and webserver.

    the website is set to port 8080 and the dss is set to 80 for streaming. now how the buckets do i reverse this. i want to set the webserver to port 80 and the dss to something else so that the majority of the people can access my site? please help.

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    hey atm

    you messed up the port thing, you shouldn't have made dss stream to port 80 if the server is a webserver (serves webpages) it said that in all the tutorials I read, I don't know how to resolve the port conflict open a new thread in the dedicated forum, maybe

    btw is this server in a dc or somewhere local?

    I did setup dss yesterday on my xp system, had alot of problems setting up perl first which took me a couple of hours but then everything was very smooth. I was able to play all the samples and even make a playlist, here though you need to have them all in the same bitrate. I had a hell of a time with different bitrates, I was even able to play to some extent a mpeg-4 file. I wasn't very succesful to do live broadcasting though ... I only got a few secs of choppy video and no audio using "mpegable" but maybe I can get it to work by tweaking mpegable's settings.

    I'm not interested in on-demand, only in live, so I'm not sure about hinting files. But I know that I read somewhere that the best way to make it work is to use QuickTime Pro - import a file, hint it and put it or the .sdp (I'm not sure which) in the movie folder used by dss by exporting I think.

    After looking at dss though I have to say I'm not happy with the features, though for a free options is not that bad. I'm going to do some more serious testing on dss and window 2003 standard (if possible).

    gl, keep me updated

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    hey ardit,

    i'm more interested in the on-demand opposite of yours

    I have installed DSS on my windows 2003 server and can stream movie files over my 10/100 switch.

    if the web port is set to 8080 and dss is set to port 80...everything works fine in my lab.

    my setup looks like this:
    -dss installed on a win2k3 machine (pentium 3 at 450Mhz with 640 MB memory)
    -IIS (a web server) is also installed in the win2k3 machine as well and is set to port 8080
    -DSS is set to stream port 80

    this allows me to open my streams from any web broswer.
    I am using DSS on port 80 because a lot of firewalls will block UDP 554 port. Since you're streaming this as well, you should look into using port 80 to stream since a lot of company firewalls block any and all UDP ports.

    What I want in production is the following:
    -port 80 for webserver on a win2k3 server
    -port ? for the DSS on another win2k3 server

    Q: what port to set for DSS, since they will be on seperate machines?

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