How much?
starting at:

2GB diskspace,
20GB Bandwidth,
unlimited domains,
unlimited POP3, FTP, etc.
4 IPs included. 2 for your nameservers, 1 dedicated IP for your site and 1 shared IP for your resold accounts.

30USD per month
Order by April 27th and get a lowered monthly fee of 25 USD for the life of the account!

Technical specification
starting at
P4 3.0GHz with hypertheading
1GB of RAM or more
Red Hat 9.0
WHM/CPanel: latest stable version
Available skins: bluesim, redsim, babysim, greysim, redtrix, bluetrix, bluecp, redcp, rvskin, aceskin and the autoinstaller.

bandwidth providers are:
UUnet Via Bellsouth
Sprint via Epik
Level 3
MFN/Pnap providing interconnectivity to: Internap, AT&T, Cable and Wireless and
Cable Vision

Why Idologic Inc?
We guarantee 99.5% services uptime (don't be fooled by companies offering 100% network uptime, this does not always cover services like apache!)

See what our clients say:

Pick any set of flash demos listed at for only 25 USD one-time setup fee! Branded with your own logo. All
customers will receive update and new movies as long as they are our customer!

Note: you must stay with us for a minimum of 2 months otherwise you will be charged 65.95 USD one-time for the flash demos.

Additional info:
- no setup fees
- IPs are $10 per 8 IP per month
- extra bandwidth is $1.00 per GB
- overselling allowed (however we don't oversell)
- located in GC/Cyberwurx
- 24x7 ticket/email based helpdesk, emergency 1-866 (toll-free #) available and emergency paging by email, weekly Alertra notification are send to
ALL clients

- All our servers feature a hot-swappable drive and our backups are off-server!
- no adult, warez, porn, spam, etc.

to signup or for questions, please email me ([email protected]) or visit our website @