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    I'm totally new in the Hosting Business but seriously want to get into this business. I believe Reseller hosting is the way to go initially in order for me to gain experience in this business without putting up any big investment. I'm thinking to start small with a CPanel Reseller Package. One problem I see in this plan is moving or migration of my site.

    For example, if my business has outgrown so much that the site needs to be moved from Host A's reseller package to Host B's dedicated server, let's say at that time I've 100 clients and my site takes up about 5 gig of disk space, how do I move a site this large with everything matched correctly?

    Your expert advice would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so much,


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    If you have Cpanel on the new server you could use the Cpanel system to move them. In our expereince this usually goes pretty smooth. You may get a few small errors but over all it works.

    Or you can use the backup functions in cpanel to download backups of your home directory and databases, then using cpanel at your new host B you can restore them.
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    It's easy with cpanel as you can create a backup

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