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    Question Where should I take a dedicated ?

    Hi All !
    I'm searching for a cheap dedicated server, actually the most important factors for me are the network and the hardware:
    - Good Ping from USA and UK
    - Acceptable Uptime: at least 99.5%
    - and a working reliable hardware

    I'm hesitating between these hosters:

    I know that their support is not great, and I think that it's acceptable for the price, but at least I need the ability to ask for a quick reboot when I really need it.

    So please can anybody help me to choose ?

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    Well, is good dedicated provider

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    Any other opinions ?

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    ServerMatrix have been very good to me, on the few times I summoned their gods to perform basic management tasks (like setting a new kernel in Grub, and ensuring it boots correctly). I don't demand much of their support though, so maybe they're just nice to me because of that.

    The network is very good. I can only recall one brief downtime incident, and a few minutes after it began they'd posted a message on their forums that one of their routers was experiencing a heavy flood (which also showed up on the Orbit monitoring system). About 20 minutes later, the network was back up. Hardly dropped a packet since, as far as I can see.

    Pings from the UK aren't exceptional, but they're quite acceptable (about 140ms from my ADSL connection, 110ms from the backbone). Certainly there isn't much packet loss to worry about, so SSH sessions are at least comfortable if slightly lagged. Learn a bit of predictive typing, and you soon get the hang of it.

    Ah hey, maybe I just love them because they gave me a free 2.8GHz P4 instead of the 2.4GHz P4 I ordered, just because the 2.4s weren't in stock.

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    I'm a big fan of Server Matrix.

    Also check out and who both also offer great pricing and networks.

    Brendan Diaz

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    I'd say GNAX or somewhere else on the east coast if you want good speeds from the UK. Def won't get good speeds from
    hm what should I put in my sig?

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    Affordable unlimited domain reseller plans
    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

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    Look for a provider on the east coast of the US. Since they will probably have fewer hops across the pond. e.g. I use Peer1-NYC and you may be able to find a dedicated server provider based there. The network connection there is very good. - VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting since 2003 - Peace of Mind Web Site Monitoring

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    Support is OK:
    Great network, but support.....

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    he did say 'cheap' retep =]

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    I know that their support is not great, and I think that it's acceptable for the price, but at least I need the ability to ask for a quick reboot when I really need it.
    I also think that alongside with affordable prices for dedicated hosting there must be a great support - that should be your choice

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