I'm in need of alot of extra cash right now (Long Story), so I thought I'd put my skills to work and see if there were any types of jobs that I could do.

I'm looking for cash via Paypal and have the following experience and expertise.

Bash Shell Scripting
Linux Server Administration/Management
Software Installation and Server Configuration
Tech Support - Hardware/Hosting/Scripting/Software
Web Design (Full Designs/Slicing/e.t.c)
Web Development/Programming (HTML/PHP/MySql/e.t.c)

If there's something not here that you need done, tell me about it and I'll tell you whether I have any experience in that area.

I'm kind of in a bind so I hope I'll be of some help to you.

Contact me via Email or MSN at [email protected] - Or PM me or reply to this thread.