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    Im new - Advice please

    Ive just set up my own host and i am looking for advice regarding the prices of my product plans:

    400mb / 5gb (with extras etc etc) - $10 a month
    600mb / 10gb (with extras...) - $15 a month

    Are these prices too low or too high?

    Id appreciate any help - the link to my company is in my profile
    Also, ideas for advertising (as i hear its very hard to find customers)



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    Are you running a Windows or Linux box?
    From those prices I'm assuming Linux.

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    Yup, linux.

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    You may want to compare to these prices:

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    ouch - that makes me feel so bloody expensive - how can they afford to give those prices!? Insane!!


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    Thats what I said....but I am running pure Windows Servers.

    I had a few customers point out that site actually.

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    ah right... so do you think my prices will be OK?

    Also, how would you go about the advertisement side of things?


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    Ok - well firstly welcome to the boards.

    Secondly, since you're new, you may wish to contact a company which specialises in helping new companies start up. They will help you improve your presence on the web, your reputation and allow you to grow to the level you want to.
    There are quite a few companies today whom offer this type of service, and it may be worth checking out if you really are in it for the long-haul. However, if you are planning to close up shop in a year or so, then it may be a waste of money as it can range from $10 per hour to $50 per half hour depending on which company you choose.

    The prices - I'd say they're good for Linux. Hosting isn't cheap, so don't go any lower than what you want - don't try and beat your local web host; only go as low as you can due to your costs and wanted profit margin.

    Advertising: You may wish to contact a company who specialises in advertising, or a general consultancy company who does various service which includes advertising. The business world is more difficult than you think; and it is always best to get professional experienced advice and help.

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    It's actually word of mouth.

    What I had done for some customers, that have asked, is give them a discount rate if they place a advertising hosting sign in their store window.

    So under their domain name/advertisement, you will see something like...."Hosting provided by ME".

    This idea can also be done on the site you are hosting if you get the permission.

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    Thanks for your advice Anjay

    Ive been looking into Google Adwords and Overture Content Match and think that these might be useful. I know that google dont accept sites which have other contextual ads on, so by using both companies i would get a wider range of sites.

    Hopefully this should work
    I plan on adding more packages later, right now im just doing trials


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    >> Thanks for your advice Anjay <<

    Sure, no problem.

    >> I plan on adding more packages later, right now im just doing trials <<

    Obviously yes - you don't want to really send out all your troops in one go, but it is best to test the waters before sending out all the marines to attack the enemy.

    Some companies have between four and eight packages. Personally, I'd not recommend on going with more than what you can handle. Remember - that the main issue to remember and respect is never do more than what you can handle. If you cannot handle more than four packages, don't offer more.

    Remember, since you're new - take it little by little. There is no need to all of a sudden try and be as good or better than the already well known web hosts out there, as you cannot. You need to slowly build up, and eventually if you can - become better than them.

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