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    Dedicated server providers that support ColdFusion

    are there any good dedicated server providers out there that support ColdFusion?

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    C I Host does ColdFusion

    C I Host does coldfusion as an add-on to dedicated servers for $50 a month extra. It's not cheap but beats forking out the licence fee all at once.

    If you can get by with less than a dedicated server they offer it on shared plans too.

    You also may find an older CF 5.0 licence cheap on Ebay.

    As an alternative to CF you can find a couple of alternative programs that let you host CF sites without the CF program.

    Search for Blue Dragon on Google.

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    Try cfhosting or even interland. ThePlanet do also provide CF hosting if you got the lisence. There are also VDS with CF addon for $14.95. I've seen some of them listed on our forums.

    BTW, at the times when Interland offered their CF Business plan for $150 (I stayed one year on it), cihost introduced the $20 account with 200 MB SQL - 4 times more than Interland. But they didn't allow custom cf tags, so we had to stick to Interland. And retained also the useless CI HOST account... well, used it as MS SQL remote DB. :-)
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    I think Cold Fusion is too expensive for most data centers to offer it on a monthly basis, plus the demand isnt that great. We mainly use CF for our site and some other stuff we do for in-house work. If you had your own license I am sure most data centers would support it for you, if you needed that kind of service

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    try they have excellent services and one of the cheapest in the industry

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