Colo4-Dallas is pleased to announce the addition of Time Warner bandwidth to our service offering. Like our connections to Level 3 and Yipes, this connection is directly to the carrier. Many gamers are moving to Colo4-Dallas because of the amazing speed of our network and the support they receive.

We do intend to raise the pricing slightly for single server colocation, but keep the pricing the same for 1/2 cabinets up to cages. As in the past, customers that take advantage of current pricing not only keep their price, they are able to add more servers at the same price.

There have been many requests for multiple servers with "by the GB" pricing. We have the following special for that need.

1/4 rack (10 U)
5 amps power
up to 256 IPs with Justification
$200/month, $50 setup

You can order in any increment you would like. 1/2 rack and 400GB $400, etc.

This product is not in our online order system yet so contact me at [email protected] to sign up.

Paul VanMeter