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    Thumbs up X-Gravity ... X-ceptional!

    For anyone looking for hosting reseller packages, take a look at

    We have had to change hosting companies 3 times in the past year. We left 2 companies due to very poor customer support and the third because of frequent and lengthy down times. All in all, very negative experiences.

    After much research, time and effort, it is great to have finally found a hosting company that we are happy to recommend. has been phenomenal! We called their support line, they answered. We submitted a ticket, they responded quickly. We have offered suggestions and made requests for various improvements/changes and X-Gravity discussed and implemented these with speed, accuracy and always with an eye to improving their customer service and support. In addition, we have found their up-time to be far superior to that of our last company, not to mention X-Gravity's flexibility when it comes to customer satisfaction.

    If you are looking for hosting reseller packages, or basic hosting solutions, I strongly suggest you look at So far, they have been the solution we need; excellent service, support and up-time.

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    I am also hosted on X-gravity servers, they are really an amazing company, definately woth checking into.

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    welcome to WHT jagis.

    thanks for the reviews by both of you
    "Web Hosting is not just about selling space, it is about facilitating customers needs with your plans and supporting the customer for a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship."- Yaser

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    Good to see that you are having a great reviews for you hosts....keep them comming and thats what keeps WHT worthwhile...

    Good Luck

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