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    * Remarkable Design + Free Script!

    I have created a brand new design geared towards a hosting company, I'll also include a free copy of aneVe.ECMS. This template is completely custom & unique and it has never been sold before and won't be sold again.


    - Layered & Organized PSD
    - HTML Main & Subpage
    - CSS / Fonts Used
    - aneVe.ECMS
    - Free, minor customizations (EG. Changing title)
    - FULL & exclusive rights, and resell rights

    I am going to run an 'auction' for two days.
    Starting price: $40.00 | If you want to buy it out, feel free to make an offer. Please use increments of atleast $5 via this thread (or PM/Email).

    Thank you for your time.
    Jeff Roldan
    [email protected]
    An affordable marketing agency,

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    Your aneVe.eCMS demos don't work.

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    In which way is it not working for you? I just double checked it, and it seems fine - You can't change settings and things, because its only a demo.
    An affordable marketing agency,

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    Got page not found clicking on links...will try again.

    Works now...wierd.

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