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    How to get domain?

    Hey all

    I have a recently expired domain name, that's now been snapped up by some registrar company and I would like to know how I can proceed to get it back.

    My friend had a similar problem once and he contacted them and they gave the domain over to him, so hopefully it'll be the same this time.

    The problem is though, I'm not sure who to contact in order to get this domain back. Wondering if you can help me?


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    Ok so you're in dispute with the other guy.

    Is it a .com domain or a (.co).uk domain or what?

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    I'm not in disupte with anybody, I'm trying to find out who to contact in order to start negotiations in getting it back.

    If you read my post you'll see the link is, the domain being

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    According to the whois it's caught by Dotster. You better contact them.

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    yup, it's with dotster so best to call them and offer to buy it ...
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    Thanks, wasn't too sure on who it was . I've contacted them, just waiting for a reply now.

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    it seems some customer from dotster who didn't setup his contact info correctly.

    but dotster can be your best contact for asking.

    or try emailing [email protected] and see
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    Although is the official ICANN-affiliated registrar for the registration, it was placed through one of the resellers, not Dotster.

    Chris, you should expect there to be significant cost involved to now retrieve the domain name, if it can be retrieved at all.

    Not exactly what you're hoping to hear, but the most likely scenario based upon my experience.

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