We have three servers spare that we would like to sell.
If you have any questions or to order, email me [email protected]

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Intel Pentium 4. 2.00 Ghz
512MB RAM / 60GB Hard Drive
150GB UK Monthly transfer

0.00 Setup - 60.00/MONTH
1 Server Available


1800+ AMD Duron (1.53Ghz)
256MB RAM / 40GB Hard Drive
150GB UK Monthly transfer

0.00 Setup - 40.00/MONTH
2 Servers Available


Extra's available to all servers:
- cPanel/WHM: 30 per month
- APC Reboot Switch: 10 per month
- Extra 256MB RAM: 45
- Extra 512MB RAM: 65
- Extra 40GB HDD: 50
- Extra 80GB HDD: 60
- Full Server Management: 99 per month
- Bandwidth Overage: 1/GB


We take full internet transit from Level3 Communications and Pipex Communications, as well as direct peering from ClaraNET, Nildram, Telewest, NTLi, Microsoft, Hurricane Electric and many more. For more information on the network, please go to http://www.cohosting.net/aboutus.php

Thomas Currie