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    Who knows this server admins?


    I have a few questions about this Server Admins.
    If I forgot some, please mention them too.

    Please I don't wish to discuss who is good and who is bad because I saw already over 30 treads and I could already make my first impression.

    There are just a few things I wish to know before contacting those admins.

    1) Who of them is a registered professionnel or company and who is just a very good admin who makes this, besides his normal job, because he is just good in it.

    2) Who of them works alone and who has a team behind.

    3) If there is a team, how much people.

    If the admins of these sites reads this post, maybe they can give here also more explications.


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    Go to

    Then do a search on

    We Manage Servers
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
    PMP Computer Solutions

    That will answer question #1.

    Please note that some companies may not have customers who participate on WHT. So if you are really interested, you should call them on the phone, and get a feel for whether or not they are a fit.

    If there is a potential fit, then ask for references.

    Then call each reference.

    Email gives only a partial picture.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    1. Dynamicnet is correct. You should be able to find third party verification for legit companies. For any company in business for longer than 18 months, they are sure to have a public record.
    Some third parties may require registration on the part of the company. You must be careful with 3rd party sources to make sure they are trustworthy. Remember the who-who's books? Well by simply paying your are a who's who.

    Some third party sources that we use when evaluating vendors and clients.

    Great reputation and clear membership standards. Provides a 3rd party in case of complaints.

    Dun & Bradstreet
    More finanically oriented but you can get the dirt on most businesses. We use them for credit validation puposes.

    Site Seals
    Geotrust, Verisign and others provide site seals that confirm the identity only. These provide identify verification only. I only know of Geotrust and Verisign, each require phone and paper verification.

    State Records
    Listings for company info vary by state. But some states now have good, easy to uses searches.

    Physical Address
    Ask for a phyiscal address.

    Ask for a phone. Some companies may not disclose their phone but potential clients should be given a number.

    2. Ask them.

    3. Ask them.

    If you do not trust the answers to 2&3 are correct, then would you trust them with your servers?
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