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  1. #1 - 10pa hosting?!? Where's the catch??!!

    hey people,

    i'm completely new to all this domain hosting malarky, so please go easy on me.
    i'm trying to host two v.small websites, on one cheap hosting package. i beleive (from reading other posts on here) that i need a hosting company that offers 'addon domains' - now i've just happened accross SAFFAS. COM- and it looks like they're doing *exactly* what i'm after.... but it all seems to good to be true, and if it looks that way, it generally is that way in my experience.

    has anyone heard of them before? or could anyone recommend another reputable hosting co. that could come close to this deal?

    i only really need 10mb for the two sites,- i've bought both domain names (both's) and need each one to have seperate email forwarding, and link to different files/websites.

    any help HUGELY appreciated.


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    They look prity solid. Try checking there background info. Look at some reviews maybe. Type there name in google and see what comes up. But for the price they are asking is not bad for 10mb a year hosting.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've seen them advertise in a few Internet Magazines, not that it means much but they must make some money in order to advertise.

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    Cheers Technics...
    Anyone else heard any news on them good/bad?
    Anyone actually use them?

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