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    Has anyone every tried ?

    They seem very affordable, but I don't know how their uptime is.

    Thanks for the input.


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    Cant say I have ever heard of them, but trying doing a search here to see if maybe you can find some reviews or comments from other posters as to how good they are, and what kind of uptime they have.

    Best of Luck

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    278 is not working for me.

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    its working but it had like 5 seconds of hang time for me.
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    It also depends on many things

    Many things can happen in a day like a customer needs something that may cause something to restart or upgrades to the system. I once asked my customers what time to do upgrades and everyone had different times as I have customers from all over the world so it is hard and I will never please everyone. Also many delays could be somewhere else on the net and have nothing to do with the site. Or even your personal firewall can for no reason or should I say for me a no good reason block your site from your access and on and on and on. where the customer is first
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