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    Where do you host high bandwidth BBS?

    OK I new here but this seems to be the place to asks so here goes.

    Where do you host stuff that needs lots of bandwidth. In the 12-45 Gig a day, 300-700 gig a month range. The BBS on thsi site alone hits 6 gig every day so there is some serious database access going on and lots of PHP to render pages for between 200- and 500 users, but to be honest the machine isn't the problem it is the bandwidth is and always has been the big cost.

    Hosted with 1&1 currently which is getting just a little expensive.

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    You may want to consider getting an unmanaged dedicated server if you have enough knowledge of running it. There are datacenters offering 1000-1700 GB of bandwidth for very reasonable prices.

    Alternative is getting a high-end virtual or VPS account.

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