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    Aventure Hosting

    Just a quick message to advise you all of Aventure hosting and also if anyone else has any suggestions for a good web host.

    Before you read the rest I have had no complains from them at all over the last 2 years and have set up over 30 accounts with them through other companies for setting up there web sites and so on.

    However a major issue came out of this, has anyone else had any problems like this and how did you manage to get to talk to someone.

    I purchased web hosting from this company for a period of 1 year, this was for another company who uses this space for an online booking system and without this it was cause a mass of missed revenue.

    However on the 19th of April they suspended the account as they advised me that they do not support users sending mass mails and or spam, however this is not the case as the company is a financial company that send a maxiumum of 20 mails a day.

    On checking this I did discover that another company had spammed them as this other company has a virus on their system sending out mass mails.

    I advised them of this but they would not reactivate the account stating this would never be reactivated.

    On this I requested that they mail me the SQL database and the files so that I could set it up on another server if they were unwilling to host the site.

    I never received these files and since then they have deleted my account loosing all the data, I have tried calling them e-mailing them and all I have so far is contact aother department.

    I have even requested that someone call me but no calls as yet.

    All I am looking for is for them to realise that they have made a mistake but suspending my account and even worse deleting this account and to reinstate this ASAP as this is causing a mass loss of revenue.

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    Did you have a backup of the files? Most companies keep backups but at the same time put in their TOS that the client is responsible for any loss of data.

    If the revenue is so high have you thought about having a dedicated server (managed) or even going colo? It will be worth it so that you can be in more control and control your backups more easily etc...
    -- Matthew

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    I have a backup of the site but no SQL as it has only just been set up about 2 weeks ago, however I did not expect them to reove the accouint for no fault of my own excpecialy after askign them to send me the SQL database

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    What does there TOS say?

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    The TOS say that you are not allowed to send bulk mail but I did not it was another company spammign me that cuased all the mails when they were getting knocked back.

    With regards to loosing the data they do not keep backups however they should never have deleted it in the first palce ecpecialy when I reuested that they keep it

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    More Issues

    Here is the response I got back after 1 week of asking for support from Aventure Hosting

    If you get spammed, as an attack, your causing server problems, your account has been terminated for mail abuse and network abuse against our terms.

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