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    PayPal > iKobo (Looking for someone who has both, a PayPal and an iKobo account)

    I am looking for someone who has both, a PayPal account and an iKobo account.

    Due to difficulties in international withdrawals with PayPal, I would like to have $200 transferred to iKobo.

    All you have to do is:

    1) Receive $210 by PayPal.
    2) Send $200 to my iKobo account.

    $10 is what you can keep for yourself.

    This will be a monthly transaction. I will be getting my iKobo receiving limit raised soon; so your profit can increase.

    If you can do this small favour, please PM me or e-mail me at subhadip [at] bbv2 , com.


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    Just a warning to paypal users. Money transfer of this nature are against paypal terms.

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    ilegal for transfering money o_O ? what do you mean?

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    Same reason PP has been shutting down payment randomizers... any money you send has to be for some good or service, it can't be money for the sake of money.
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    isn't ikobo a scam anyway?

    And I don't trust paypal anymore. Because I basically spent and transfered money totalling 1300 dollars in a 7 day period paypal limited my account. And even though I submitted my SSI number and Faxed them a COPY of my SSI card and Drivers license they still haven't lifted limited access on my account which still has over 300 dollars in it. Which I can do nothing with because paypal won't let me withdraw it. How ever they will let me deposit.

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