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    What is needed to run a VOIP provider?

    What is needed in order to provide VOIP services?
    For example reselling minutes and service? Would I need a server colocated running PBX software? I would be running asterisk if I do. But do I need to make agreements with companies to resell, what are the steps necessary?

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    The bare minimum is 1 server, bandwidth, Wildcard T100P. and a PRI line.

    But no one in their right mind will use you for phone service if you run that. You need multiple servers and T100P cards for redunancy, and something such as a MUX to split the T1 to another server via auto fail over if one server dies.

    All the prices for bandwidth, colo, and PRI lines vary by the market. PRI's run between $100 - $400 /month for 24 channels (23 usable). The $100 one is for outgoing long distance and incoming 800 numbers only. The $400 one includes local service, IE incoming to your local DID such as 412.XXX.XXXX. Per minute rates depend on volume but expect to pay around 2 - 2.4 cents a minute billed in 6 second increments. Rates may be taxed by tariffs as well, especially if you are in Los Angeles.

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    You should probably get a reseller plan from some reputable provider to start off..

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    I am very interested in doing this, does anyone know who I should contact to start as a reseller?

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  6. #6 this the calling card idea?
    I am looking for calling card resellers....please note I am in Canada

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    No this is for VoIP termination to your asterisk box. You can then setup asterisk to do "calling cards".

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    ok, well I would like to start very basic, do you know of any companies offering private label or reseller phone card plans (in Canada)?


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    I do not know of any. I never researched it.

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    well the reseller idea was ok.. but eventually i would want to have my own so as to not have to pay another company

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    That JerJer didn't give any info on starting a VoIP Provider.

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    I doubt he will give info on starting one. He is a provider and will want to sell you his service.

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    which service does he run?

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    Here was VoIP 101 in IRC.
    Session Start: Tue Apr 20 16:58:34 2004
    Session Ident: #voip
    [4:58] * Now talking in #voip
    [4:58] * Woogs has joined #voip
    [4:58] <MStar> heh
    [4:58] <MStar> my idea exactly
    [4:59] * Raine has joined #voip
    [4:59] <Raine> hi
    [4:59] * chumpman has joined #voip
    [4:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +ntr
    [4:59] <MStar> no bold
    [4:59] <Woogs> give em like another minute
    [5:00] * MStar sets mode: +o Woogs
    [5:00] <Woogs> aight
    [5:00] <Woogs> 2 ways to do this
    [5:00] <Woogs> 1) Vonage like where you provide local DIDs
    [5:01] <Woogs> 2) outbound and incoming 800 only (Nufone)
    [5:01] <Woogs> Option 2 is much much cheaper
    [5:01] <Woogs> in either case you need hardware
    [5:01] <Woogs> 2 servers for redundancy
    [5:01] <Woogs> although you can chance it with one...
    [5:01] <MStar> i'd rather go into detail on option 1
    [5:01] <Woogs> 2 T1 cards... or chance it with 1
    [5:01] <Woogs> in either case, if you chance it and go down, your ****ed and everyone will leave you
    [5:01] <Woogs> you cant have phone service outage
    [5:02] <MStar> yeah
    [5:02] <Woogs> 2 servers with decent ammount of ram and cpu, $2500 total
    [5:02] <Woogs> 2 T1 cards, $1000 total
    [5:02] <Woogs> startup costs $3500...
    [5:02] <Woogs> Colocation, $100 /mo
    [5:02] <MStar> what is decent ram/cpu?
    [5:02] <Woogs> although it will prob be more for colo as you want very good bandwidth and 100 % uptime
    [5:02] <Woogs> P4 2.4 Ghz
    [5:02] <Woogs> 512 ram
    [5:03] <Woogs> although 1 gig of ram would be a lot better
    [5:03] <MStar> 1250 for that?
    [5:03] <Woogs> it all depends on which codec you use
    [5:03] <Woogs> well I only use Dell
    [5:03] <MStar> i dont like dell
    [5:03] <MStar> anyways
    [5:03] <Woogs> anyways
    [5:03] <MStar> go on
    [5:03] <Woogs> Option 1
    [5:03] <Woogs> Requires a PRI with local service
    [5:03] <Woogs> which market are you in?
    [5:04] <Raine> what is PRI
    [5:04] <Raine> and what is a T1 card?
    [5:04] <Woogs> a voice T1
    [5:04] <Woogs> 24 channels, 23 usable, 1 is the D channel for signelling
    [5:04] <Raine> hmmm
    [5:04] <MStar> woogs: would probabaly go option 1 or nothing
    [5:04] <Raine> so how would you get that
    [5:04] <Woogs> T1 card
    [5:04] <Raine> if you're colocating in say an abovenet datacenter?
    [5:04] <Woogs> you buy it from the phone company
    [5:05] <Woogs> if they are carrier neutral and have telcos in it
    [5:05] <Woogs> you can get a cross connect
    [5:05] <MStar> that JarJar guy was useless
    [5:05] <Woogs> JerJer runs probably one of the most successful voip networks
    [5:05] <Woogs> he will be your main competition
    [5:05] <Raine> erm so a T1 card only supports 23 calls at once?
    [5:05] <MStar> gotcha
    [5:06] <Woogs> yes Raine
    [5:06] <MStar> you can have more than 1 per PC right?
    [5:06] <Raine> so what happens if someone tries to make another
    [5:06] <Raine> when 23 are used
    [5:06] <Woogs> nothing
    [5:06] <Woogs> dead
    [5:06] <Woogs> busy
    [5:06] <Raine> lol
    [5:06] <Woogs> mstar yes
    [5:06] <Raine> that would suck..
    [5:06] <Woogs> they make a quad port T1 card
    [5:06] <MStar> that 'all circuits are busy now. please try again later'
    [5:06] <Woogs> to handle 96 calls
    [5:06] <MStar> i get that message
    [5:06] <Woogs> well 94 channels
    [5:06] <Raine> where do they plug into
    [5:06] <Raine> PCI slots?
    [5:06] <Woogs> 96 channels i mean
    [5:06] <Woogs> yes
    [5:06] <MStar> yeah, i saw that card
    [5:07] <MStar> could we have say 3 96 channel cards
    [5:07] <MStar> in one pc?
    [5:07] <Woogs> if you plan on using 23 channels at once you will probably need a xeon box
    [5:07] <Raine> so could you fill a PC with multiple?
    [5:07] <Raine> yeah
    [5:07] <chumpman> are you trying to compete with vonage with this service?
    [5:07] <Woogs> a Dualk Xeon will the best CPU optimzied codec will max out at 96
    [5:07] <Woogs> you will need a quad xeon or something
    [5:07] <Raine> erm, how does it use so much sys resources?
    [5:07] <Woogs> audio codecs
    [5:07] <Woogs> encoding and decoding on the fly
    [5:08] <Woogs> compression of audio
    [5:08] <Raine> what if you dont compress?
    [5:08] <Woogs> then the call quality sucks
    [5:08] <Raine> ahh ok
    [5:08] <Woogs> and it uses like 10 X more bandwidth
    [5:08] <Raine> can you load balance this?
    [5:08] <Raine> with multiple servers?
    [5:08] <Woogs> of course
    [5:08] <Raine> would a simple cisco load balancer do the trick?
    [5:08] <Woogs> not sure
    [5:09] <Woogs> anyways
    [5:09] <Woogs> lets run numbers
    [5:09] <chumpman> shoot for it
    [5:09] <Woogs> that PRI with local service will run ya $350 or so
    [5:09] <Woogs> depending on market
    [5:09] <Woogs> Los Angeles really sucks as its taxed big time
    [5:10] <Woogs> so if your doing this in LA, terminate it in burbank and do your own local loop for like $100
    [5:10] <Woogs> into your LA DC
    [5:10] <Raine> id do it in abovenet
    [5:10] <Raine> which is in San Jose
    [5:10] <Woogs> per minute rate is usally around 2.2 - 2.4 cents a minute
    [5:10] <Raine> and San Jose is not taxed so heavily
    [5:10] <Woogs> most providers sell at 2.9 cents a minute
    [5:10] <chumpman> is that cost to the end client or to the provider Woogs?
    [5:10] <Woogs> so your talking .5 cents profit per minute
    [5:10] <chumpman> err nvm
    [5:10] <MStar> PRI is local numbers right?
    [5:10] <Woogs> yes
    [5:11] <Woogs> you also pay around 25-50 cents per DID
    [5:11] <Raine> Woogs who pays the 2.9 cents per minute?
    [5:11] <Woogs> the end customer
    [5:11] <MStar> what's a DID?
    [5:11] <Raine> ahh ok
    [5:11] <Woogs> who you sell to
    [5:11] <Woogs> did = direct inbound dialing
    [5:11] <Woogs> the local number
    [5:11] <Woogs> 310, 412, 202, 215
    [5:11] <MStar> ah
    [5:11] <Woogs> etc
    [5:11] <MStar> okay
    [5:11] <Raine> how much do you think you could oversell this
    [5:11] <Woogs> no idea
    [5:11] <Raine> if you started into like using an FE
    [5:12] <Raine> could you oversell at a 10:1 ratio?
    [5:12] <Woogs> fe?
    [5:12] <Raine> fast ethernet
    [5:12] <chumpman> 10:1?
    [5:12] <chumpman> that sounds high to me
    [5:12] <Woogs> what are you talking about
    [5:12] <Woogs> bandwidth is not the issue, the PRI is =)
    [5:12] <Raine> bandwidth woogs
    [5:12] <chumpman> i think he means putting 960 customers on a server that supports 96
    [5:12] <Raine> erm, dont you have to pay for bandwidth?
    [5:12] <Woogs> yes
    [5:12] <Woogs> but bandwidth is cheap
    [5:12] <Woogs> its the PRI that is holding you back
    [5:12] <Raine> well $35/mbit from abovenet
    [5:12] <Raine> = $3500/mo. for an FE
    [5:13] <Woogs> thats big time over kill
    [5:13] <Raine> too much bandwidth?
    [5:13] <Woogs> yes
    [5:13] <MStar> how many mbps would we need?
    [5:13] <Woogs> 1 mbs can probably easily handle 23 calls at once
    [5:13] <Raine> how about 10 megs?
    [5:13] <Raine> ok, but i mean total
    [5:13] <Raine> for all your customers
    [5:13] <Woogs> it depends on what codec you use
    [5:13] <Raine> would 10 meg be safe amount?
    [5:13] <chumpman> is this a serious idea Woogs?
    [5:13] <Raine> and we could put say 1000 customers on it?
    [5:13] <Woogs> chumpman?
    [5:13] <Woogs> im definitely not doing this
    [5:13] <chumpman> i see
    [5:14] <chumpman> ok go on
    [5:14] <Woogs> I was going to back in January back after working numbers there is no point
    [5:14] <Raine> that is some serious money
    [5:14] <Woogs> ignore bandwidth for now
    [5:14] <Woogs> and ignore the cost of DIDs
    [5:14] <Woogs> just assume the cost of $400 / mo for a PRI (taxes included)
    [5:14] <Raine> ok i still dont get what a PRI does
    [5:14] <MStar> so what's a PRI
    [5:14] <Woogs> and you buy at 2.4 cents and sell at 2.9 cents
    [5:15] <Raine> you need a PRI for every t1 card?
    [5:15] <Raine> or what?
    [5:15] <Woogs> its T1 that is only voice no data
    [5:15] <Woogs> its the line to the telco
    [5:15] <Woogs> rather than copper for POTS
    [5:15] <Woogs> this is a digital voice line that has 23 voice channels on it
    [5:15] <MStar> so like voice bandwidth
    [5:15] <Raine> oh
    [5:15] <Raine> so you'd need one for every single T1 card
    [5:15] <Raine> and you'd need 4 for every quad T1 card
    [5:16] <Woogs> only if you want to use all 4
    [5:16] <Raine> correct?
    [5:16] <Woogs> youo can use a quad card ($1500) and only use 1 port
    [5:16] <Raine> well there's no reason to buy 4 if you're not going to use all 4..
    [5:16] <Woogs> or you can use 4 ports
    [5:16] <Woogs> well if a single card costs $500
    [5:16] <Woogs> and a quad costs $1500
    [5:16] <Woogs> most people buy the quad so they have it for later and incase a port goes bad
    [5:16] <Raine> oh
    [5:16] <Woogs> anyways
    [5:16] <Raine> how about if we used 3
    [5:16] <Raine> and used 1 as a backup
    [5:17] <Raine> could you put redundancy into that one?
    [5:17] <Woogs> let me jump to the point on why I will never do this
    [5:17] <Raine> ok
    [5:17] <Woogs> well i think the card would die before a port
    [5:17] <Woogs> so you should have a spare card in stock
    [5:17] <Woogs> or a hot server
    [5:17] <Raine> of course
    [5:17] <Raine> phone service is crucial
    [5:17] <Woogs> and you will still need someone to move the cable intro the new port
    [5:17] <Raine> if phone is down, customers = gone instantly
    [5:17] <Woogs> or use a MUX which will run ya a few grand
    [5:17] <Woogs> so that PRI is $400
    [5:18] <Woogs> minutes sell for 2.9
    [5:18] <Woogs> cost ya 2.4
    [5:18] <Woogs> you make .5 cents a minute
    [5:18] <Raine> that sounds like too little..
    [5:18] <MStar> why do you have to sell for 2.9?
    [5:18] <Woogs> you need to sell 80,000 minutes a month to make $400 to break even
    [5:18] <Woogs> you dont have to
    [5:18] <Woogs> thats just what everyone else is selling at
    [5:18] <Raine> how can vonage charge 2 cents per minute to international?
    [5:18] <MStar> how does vonage charge 2c/min?
    [5:18] <Woogs> volume
    [5:18] <Woogs> nufone probably pays around .8 - 1 cent a minute'
    [5:19] <Woogs> vonage is prob around .5 - .8
    [5:19] <Woogs> but to start out you will be paying around 2.4 on a single PRI
    [5:19] <Raine> so if you buy bulk amounts of these PRI's it can be cheaper?
    [5:19] <Woogs> yes
    [5:19] <Raine> ok
    [5:19] <Raine> how many do you think vonage/nufone has?
    [5:19] <Raine> 100+?
    [5:20] <Woogs> no idea
    [5:20] <Woogs> line wise it doesnt matter
    [5:20] <Woogs> it all depends on volume
    [5:20] <Raine> wow
    [5:20] <Woogs> you can haev a single line that does 10 minutes a month, or one that does 500,000 minutes a month
    [5:20] <Raine> it's too much money up front
    [5:20] <Raine> to compete with the big guys
    [5:20] <Woogs> oh theres more to it
    [5:20] <Woogs> Vonage providers all their customers with a free ATA
    [5:20] <MStar> think you could sell more expensive locally?
    [5:20] <Raine> not to mention staff
    [5:21] <Woogs> the ATA will cost ya around $75
    [5:21] <Woogs> so you have to front that money
    [5:21] <Woogs> or make your customer buy it
    [5:21] <Raine> what's an ATA?
    [5:21] <Raine> oh, the adapter?
    [5:21] <Woogs> yes
    [5:21] <Raine> well yeah, VoIP is a fairly new thing
    [5:21] <Woogs> i would never sell to the public
    [5:21] <Raine> it's not heard of by a lot of people
    [5:21] <Woogs> i would only sell to businesses if anything
    [5:21] * chumpman has left #voip
    [5:21] <Woogs> i have issues with quality on my cable modem at my house
    [5:21] <Woogs> it works fine at the office on fiver
    [5:22] <Woogs> fiber
    [5:22] <Woogs> you need a low ping as well
    [5:22] <Raine> is it your cable provider?
    [5:22] <Raine> or cable itself
    [5:22] <Woogs> probably my provider
    [5:22] <Woogs> you need a low stable ping
    [5:22] <Raine> because i use roadrunner, and they're..either one of the best or the best
    [5:22] <Woogs> there is no way in hell it would work nice if your in NY connection to a server in San Jose
    [5:22] <Raine> because everything is routed through atdn/ level 3
    [5:22] <MStar> 40ms to abovenet
    [5:23] <Raine> i get 100 ms to above
    [5:23] <Woogs> I started having issues above 70
    [5:23] <Woogs> the key is stable ping
    [5:23] <MStar> what kind of issues?
    [5:23] <Raine> maybe we should buy like 5 megs at above in san jose and 5 megs at above in NYC?'
    [5:23] <Woogs> 70, 69, 70 , 69, 71 is fine
    [5:23] <Woogs> 70, 69, 200, 60, 150
    [5:23] <Raine> or perhaps you could split it down the middle and go with equinix?
    [5:23] <Woogs> that will totally **** it up
    [5:23] <Woogs> issues as in the call soudns like ****
    [5:24] <Woogs> packets get all messed up from the lag
    [5:24] <Raine> well suppose i made a call
    [5:24] <Raine> over VoIP
    [5:24] <Woogs> voice gets scrammbled
    [5:24] <Raine> to a person in asia
    [5:24] <Raine> using VoIP?
    [5:24] <Raine> what would happen?
    [5:24] <Woogs> never tried it
    [5:24] <Raine> would it sound pretty ****ed up?
    [5:24] <Woogs> ive down it to AU from Pennsylvania over fiber connections and it was fine
    [5:24] <Woogs> probably
    [5:24] <Woogs> never tried it on cable or dsl
    [5:25] <Woogs> the ping can be high as long as its stable
    [5:25] <Woogs> just not too high
    [5:25] <MStar> ah, got it
    [5:25] <Woogs> currently im around 30 ms from my network over cable
    [5:25] <Woogs> and i still ocassionally have issues on my cable
    [5:25] <Woogs> and im iusing the g729 codec which is the best compression
    [5:26] <Woogs> well not best, but the best the Cisco phones support
    [5:26] <Woogs> I dont use ATA.. I use Cisco IP phones
    [5:27] <Raine> ok
    [5:27] <Raine> this is far too complex
    [5:27] <Raine> i think we need to wait for prices to change
    [5:27] <Raine> it's like when Pentium 4's first hit the market
    [5:27] <MStar> and building a datacenter isnt? :p
    [5:28] <Raine> MStar, building a dc is not as expensive as it used to be
    [5:28] <MStar> woogs, how many customers would be needed to get 80k minutes?
    [5:28] <Woogs> no ide
    [5:28] <Woogs> you cant say
    [5:28] <Woogs> some people use 5 minutes
    [5:28] <Woogs> others use 100,000
    [5:28] <Woogs> no idea what providers figure
    [5:28] <Woogs> ALOT though =)
    [5:29] <Raine> how can vonage sell unlimited
    [5:32] <Woogs> they are selling it for $35 / mo
    [5:32] <Woogs> if it costs them .8 cents a minute
    [5:32] <Raine> $25 i saw
    [5:32] <Woogs> thats local
    [5:33] <Woogs> at .8 cents am inute
    [5:33] <Woogs> and $25 / mo
    [5:33] <Woogs> you can use 3125 minutes before they lose money
    [5:33] <Woogs> im sure most people use under 1000
    [5:33] <Woogs> if not under 750
    [5:33] <Raine> well why should local cost more
    [5:34] <Raine> than nationwide
    [5:34] <MStar> it doesnt
    [5:34] <Woogs> it actually does in some markets
    [5:34] <MStar> 35 for unlimited calling anywhere
    [5:34] <Woogs> like LA, local during prime time is 3 cents
    [5:34] <Woogs> whereas long sdistance is around 2.2 cents
    [5:34] <MStar> oh, we need PRI's for every city people want to call?
    [5:34] <Woogs> interstate is cheaper than intrastate in most markets as well
    [5:35] <Woogs> so people who call LA, usually have the call come from another state
    [5:35] <Woogs> since its cheaper to do interstate
    [5:35] <Woogs> yes and no
    [5:35] <Woogs> you can usually get all the DIDs to a single PRI that the switch you use supports
    [5:35] <Woogs> switch being the telco switching center
    [5:35] <Woogs> for example in Pennsylvania
    [5:36] <Woogs> Philly handles Pittsburgh on some providers
    [5:36] <Woogs> in Cali, you can get a PRI in LA and usually get DIDs from San Diego up to the Valley
    [5:36] <Woogs> so you dont need every city, but you definitely need more than 1
    [5:36] <Woogs> some prividers have bigger switching networks
    [5:36] <Woogs> that cover like the entire south east
    [5:40] <Woogs> also, g729 codec costs $10 / channel to license
    [5:40] <Woogs> so dont plan on using that =
    [5:50] <MStar> k
    [5:53] * Raine has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
    [6:19] * MStar sets mode: -o Woogs
    Session Close: Tue Apr 20 18:19:26 2004

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    wow sounds complex, but dude seriously not that expensive if say you have like 20k investment and somoene who belives in you and backs you up.

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    thanks for posting these logs without my permission!

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    IRC is an open forum, just like this site. He doesn't need your permission.

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    lol. IRC is public so there is no need for permission like HYB-Bryan said.

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    Nufone and Voicepulse

    Jeremy from Nufone is very good as far as talent and technical brains. Their rates are very good.

    Voicepulse won PC Mag's award one year ago. They are more reliable than Nufone.

    That being said, do NOT expect any kind of support from either place. I like the guys from Nufone, but if you're offering voice services to businesses, you need to have your provider reachable at all times. You might think I'm joking but the truth is this: there have been many occassions where Nufone did not even check their voicemail (for support) for over 2 weeks. In their defense, I will say that it's not because they don't want to give support, they're just too unorganized, understaffed, and busy. As far as voicepulse goes, they at least have a knowledgbase with useful help files. They are only reachable to email. (Connect customers do not get phone support).

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    Originally posted by MStar
    Here was VoIP 101 in IRC.
    Session Start: Tue Apr 20 16:58:34 2004
    Session Ident: #voip
    [4:58] * Now talking in #voip
    [4:58] * Woogs has joined #voip
    [4:58] <MStar> heh
    [4:58] <MStar> my idea exactly
    [4:59] * Raine has joined #voip
    [4:59] <Raine> hi
    Blah Blah...
    Session Close: Tue Apr 20 18:19:26 2004
    Blah blah...

    That conversation was from last April and 1/2 of it is outdated.
    I won't get into it all that much, but let's just say you'd be wasting your $$ getting a T1 with 24 voice channels..... Unless you have a whole lotta cash to invest. Then you can get minutes for rediculous prices like half a CENT per minute in U.S.

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    We are really interested on this coz we would like to offer this in our country (Phils) and VOIP is new and the players are limited. The reseller idea is what we are looking for.

    Any advice? Did you checked on They have the lowest rate I think... I just don't know the quality, I haven't tried their service...

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    as much info as was in that IRC log it doesn't even touch the surface of what is really involved.

    1) I'm not sure of the legality of things, but phone service works on the five nines. 99.999% uptime (think that's 3 minutes of downtime a month) most datacenters won't even garentee that on thier networks, nevermind server reboots/upgrades.

    2) e911 service is required for non-business customers. you need 2 e911 trunks via differnt paths. You can not have both trunks on the same T, card or CPU or it isn't redundent. the e911 trunk can not be used for anything other than 911 calls.

    3) If you're serious about offering phone services that will be even close to a real phone...You'll need at least 3 of everything. 1 working, 1 fallback (that should swith over automaticly if there is a problem) and 1 hot swap.

    In the IRC channel someone was asking about overselling. You can oversell in telecom just like with bandwidth in hosting.

    Generally 3 or 4 to 1 is exceptable, some small telecoms in rural areas will go higher. Small Business customers will have to be less, 1.5 or 2 to 1.

    Large business cannot be oversold. They will purchase the number of lines that they need and have a PBX to distribute those lines to employees. Basicly buying exactly what they'll need.

    Phone service is highly regulated, and I can't really say if VoIP is as regulated as I haven't researched it. I do know that if someone calls 911 and can't get through, not only will you feel like hell when they're dead, you'll be answering to the FCC and a long line of lawyers waiting to suck you dry of every dime you'll ever earn.
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    I've been looking into this for a while now. I want to know what kind of ISPs in Canada allow for VOIP like rogers or Bell.

    Then I looked to see who's services i could resell, but not sure who I can go with.

    Anybody is interested in this or have any information please PM me. Thank you.
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    Also another question, why do you need a T1 line? What about a 100 mbit line or a GigE?

    That's what I was looking into.

    Thank you.
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    ok first only cable providers will allow for a VoIP service, DSL is over the phone lines....kinda defeats the purpose.

    second, you need a T1, or more because you need a destination for your calls. They need to enter the public switched telephone network someplace in order to ring at your mother's house on her POTS line.

    100mbit would do you NOOO good since VoIP uses about 90K of bandidth per call. lets call it 100 to make simple math. 23 calls on each T1 = roughly 2.3Mbit IF you have every channel in use at that time.

    I'm not sure how many calls 1 CPU can handle, i've never worked that side of things, but if the IRC chat was correct, then a 10Mbit server is all you'd ever need if you were on a Quad system.

    I'd think the ideal situation would be to get a server farm packed with CPUs and a fat pipe as you talk about, a bunch of T1s to a few major telecom providers (sprint, AT&T, your local bell, maybe even a cellphone provider [not sure they sell t1s that way like regular telcos] and start selling phone service)

    the cost of entry into this business as any type of serious player will be far far higher than any hosting venture, closer to a datacenter except there are more things to worry about. Not only do you need straight bandwidth and fast pings, but you also need telco support.

    We haven't even talked about features waiting, 3 way, call forwaring, hunt groups etc etc etc....

    good luck
    I reserve the right to be wrong at all times

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    If you want to provide a quality service, then you're also going to have to look at things like echo cancellation etc. (Sorry if the IRC chat mentioned that, didn't read it) and the equipment for that doesn't come cheap if I recall correctly.
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    What about reselling? What kind of options do you think there are?

    Once I get enough clients I'll move on up. There's even a local DC (they charge sky high prices though) so the pings will be great.

    Thanks for the help.
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