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    Thumbs up Initial impressions of Idologic

    I've just recently changed hosting companies since my old host did some "upgrades" that ended up taking my site down for 2 days. I've moved to an Idologic reseller account based on the good reviews I've read here at WHT. I've only been with Idologic for about a week so I thought I'd give my initial impression.

    The number one thing I can talk about is their support. I have nothing but good things to say about these guys. So far I have submitted 9 support tickets (all questions and requests, nothing broken) and they have answered them all professionally and quickly. Even submitting tickets at midnight gets a reply within 10 minutes. They've gone beyond the call of duty and helped me configure things, installed perl libraries for me, installed emacs (yes, I'm an emacs user ) helped me move my old site over, helped me with DNS issues, etc.

    I can't really speak about uptime since I've only been there for a week, but I am impressed that they keep the load on their servers so low. My old host typically ran around a load of 6 to 8 and these guys are always around .6 or so. I've also already received a notice about a planned maintenance on their servers. I was at my old host for over a year and the only notice I ever had of planned outages was the 404 error on my website.

    Bottom line, I like these guys a lot. I'm hoping to stick with them for a long time. Once I'm with them for a bit longer I'll post another review.


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    It's nice to hear a good review for a change....thanks for the post Matt.

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