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    ASP mail problem

    I made a contact form with the URL:

    I want id=xxx include in my email send to me.

    Any idea for that ?

    thanks before

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    I'd like to help you but I'm not sure what you mean... pm me to discuss your problem

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    Dim var1
    var1 = Request.QueryString("id")

    Somewhere in the body of your email object

    body = body & var1

    Need anymore, just let me know.
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    Thank for reply,

    tbnguyen, I tried your code, but still it didn't work. I'm really newbie in this area.

    Djoppa, thank you.
    Here's the situation:
    I have contact form with an unique id behind the url.
    I need to know what id every one using at who contact me, so I want to know the id when I received the mail.

    sorry for bad english

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    my problem solved, thanks tbnguyen, your code works, I put in the wrong line.

    Thanks again

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