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    What would you like to see on a Hosting Website?

    Hey Everyone,

    Well, I am writing this thread, because our trust worthy and talented webmaster is having designer's block due to who knows what.

    So, I thought that if I posted a thread, I would be able to get ideas and thoughts from everyone, to maybe help give him a little push in the right direction. All of us at G2H have given all our opinions on what we would like to see, but like I said, Designer's Block - it happens to the best of them now and then.

    So, what would you like to see on a hosting companies official website - ie;

    design patterns
    particular sections
    type of navbars
    type of code ( html or php or flash or another type )

    And anything else that you think might benefit a hosting companie's official website.

    If your wondering why we're changing the design from what we have now, well, guess the main reason would be a fresh new sleek look to go with our new ideas for the company and for our clients.

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    Well I think the most important thing is the site content. The host web site must look reliable. My suggestion is do not use Flash.

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    I personally prefer a flash free site, but if you do go flash and insist on having flash music, make it obvious how to turn it off .

    Also, I love it when the front page of the website allows easy access to the plans and maybe even display the current deal that the host is providing.
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    User-friendly. A very good navigation will be very important. From your main page to your price plans to your order forms and completed task. A smooth flow will be essential.

    Also, do not give chunks of information despite the fact that site content is important. chunks of information will just give me a turnoff.

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    I like the flash, but I would say it needs to look clean and tidy.

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    avoid templates i would say, theirs a lot out their

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    Just keep it simple, with a direct link to support forums and plans with features and prices, when you started up, and your location for servers and offices, with a phone number. Something about the staff employed.
    That's what I look for in a homepage, either the info or an easy to spot direct link.

    I hope that helps.

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    I don't think that flash is a good idea for hosting websites. It loads slower than simple html content and visitors may even think your host is a slow one

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    Flash looks good, however make sure it does not take excessive amounts of time to load. If it takes a long time to load the site, people often close out of it, not seeing your site.

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    I hate Flash!
    Just keep your design simple and fast loading!
    People do not read half the crap anyway.
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    Definite needs:

    -1MB flash header
    -Cheesy trance music
    -Generic stock photos everywhere
    -Shiny buttons
    -Little content besides your hosting plans

    That should get you set up with a generic hosting website pretty quickly

    In all seriousness, make sure you meet basic usability and accessability guidelines. Keep it simple and don't overwhelm your viewer with flash graphics or moving elements. Make sure you have a good amount of textual content to back up yourself. Look at things from the customer's perspective: "Are the answers I need here? Can I get hwere I need to go easily?" That sort of thing.
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    I like your side. Very simple and to the point.
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