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    awstats configuration

    I am trying to track individual files (non html) with awstats. In its current configuration I get a section showing me which HTML pages were accessed and a summery of file types that were downloaded. But I do not get a list of individual files (jpg and gifs) that were accessed. Is there a way to configure awstats to show me files that were downloaded. What would be really cool if it could show me just downloaded files from external links. I want to be able to see how many people are viewing a ad that has pictures that are hosted on my site.


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    You might want to check the NotPageList parameter, as I think that will take common image extensions out of some of the reporting.

    More specifically you should be able to use the OnlyFiles paramter to specify the files that you want reported on, Any files not listed in the OnlyFiles parameter will be ignored by awstats.

    I hope that helps some.

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