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    Question free content / news for website


    I run a website and would like to add free content / news headlines on certain pages. I used to be able to do this using Moreover Technologies, but they have since provided bad service in this regard. Anyone know of a few free content providers that offer news/headlines that I can add to my site ????? My site is sports-related...

    Any suggestions???

    Thanks in advance

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    Just do a google search for Sports RSS if the above link doesn't help
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    I remember when I spent ages looking up how to do that :p

    Your looking for scripts.. right?

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    Yep...scripts. I'll also check the yahoo link above. As I mentioned, I used Moreover when they were starting out but they're drawing back their service somehow and now I have headlines that are a year old flashing on my pages.

    Any additional recommendations would be greatly appreciated...

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