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    Remote Desktop & mail servers

    Well I'm wanting to start game hosting, but I want the users to be able to login and use remote desktop software/viewer to be able to do what they want on their account set up on server. This is a windows 2000 pro raq. I want to be able to have multiple users to be able to log in as well and each have their own screen so to speak. Of course I'm not sure if there is software that does this other than windows 2k3 remote desktop and xp's.

    Maybe if not can you let me know on a good terminal services program?

    Also any good windows based email server programs out there that aren't too terribly expensive?

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    Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 have terminal services built in and any version 98X or above can go to microsoft site and download the terminal services client. So I think you would be all set. Just know thay remote desktop/terminal services takes up a lot of resources and if you are going to have multiple people using it at the same time you better watch your load.

    Thanks hope this helps !

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    For multiple users, you would need to have Windows Server 2003 or equivalent and purchase the proper client access licenses (CALs). Locking down the desktop is possible and you will want someone who is an experienced admin to handle it. Letting people have their own desktops is cool, it just poses a security risk unless you have it properly configured.

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    You can try with "Net Support Manager" to do this. It's really fast. For windows based email server program, try Pegasus Mail and Mercury.



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    There are a few easy solutions. 1. web remote desktop connection:remote desktop through a browser using activeX. 2. Citrix Metaframe XP (extreamly expensive but a lot of feature). 3. The best and free solution VNC server/viewer.

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