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    Arrow Space News :: Comet plunges into a star and is vaporised into a cloud of gas.

    Article extract >>

    Astronomers have seen a comet vaporise into a cloud of gas as it plunged on to the fiery surface of a hot, young star.
    The comet - a 100km-wide body made of rock and ice - was ripped apart and destroyed by the heat of the star.

    Its demise was witnessed by observers using the giant Hobby-Eberly Telescope in Texas to observe the star Lk H-alpha 234, which is 3,200 light-years away.

    "This is a quite extraordinary event," says Professor Eric Feigelson, of Penn State University, US.

    "This discovery is significant because this is the youngest star ever found with this kind of infall of a comet-like body," says Jian Ge, assistant professor of astronomy at Penn State.

    Too close

    The star has a mass of about six times the mass of our Sun and an estimated very young age of about 100,000 years.

    End extract <<

    For more info/pic ::

    Shame they don't have an actual detailed picture really but great show i'm sure

    Opinions?? Comments??

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    How can they predict this they don't even know where we're from yet, never mind how old something they've never been close to is, next they'll give you its temperature
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    LOL, the least they can do is get a real image.

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    If you want to see rediculous...

    "We've seen two of the three aspects of warped space-time. We've seen the warping of space and the warping of time. We have never seen, in any clean way, the dragging of space into motion," said Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology.
    I'd like to have the wonderful stop-watch they evidently have that can measure the "warping of time".

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    I remember reading an article when they were building the circular balls to use in the experiments.

    From memory, they were so precision crafted that if the balls were to be blown up to the size of the earth, they would be so perfectly scherical that they highest peak or trough would only amount to 1 metre. Now that is precision crafting!!!!

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    Hot, young star to crash your comet into?

    I can only think of Britney Spears.

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    eww~~ Britnet Spears >.<

    Sry, off topic...

    It's neat to read about something like this; but it'd definetly be better to actually see pictures or clip of this occuring

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