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    Plesk Control Panel Query

    I currently have a server running apache and zope on different IP addresses. Can I install plesk control panel on a seperate IP address so it will be seperate from my two other web servers currently running?

    Plesk Control panel can provide a few features which my clients would like but I'd still like to maintain the two other services for existing clients.

    Just want to know if this can be achieved or if plesk will take over the whole box.


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    I am not server guru, but I know each CP* has its own way in handling web, email, ftp, etc services. So if I am not wrong you can't install 2 different CP in one server. You should get different box for each CP*.

    CP - control panel (can be Cpanel, Plesk, Ensim, Directadmin, etc...)

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    Doesn't each control panel run its own instance of webserver (apache?)

    I can run zope and apache on the same machine as they have seperate configurations.

    What I want to know is can I specify a seperate install directory for plesk which wont alter my current installations.

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    I think it best for you to study Plesk installation guide first,

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