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Thread: Good Prices

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    Good Prices

    Ok, I opened Dedicated Hosting Site for my company, but are the prices we charge good? Bad? or what?

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    They seem like pretty good cheap prices.

    Who are you targeting though. I have seen the some companies sell for 3x-5x that and still sell well.

    If you are targeting this crowd I think they're some nice prices and you should do well.

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    Thats the crowd, and thanks, have any markiting ideas?

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    Quite simply. You have to prove that your network and support infrastructure are top notch. Its quite obvious I know, but a lot of people here rent ded servers, and if you provide great network/service it will market itself. Conversely, if you don't provide....well i'm sure you have read all the negative threads posted around here.

    Just a thought

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    ok, thanks

    Im going to try to get clients now.... that should be easy...... LOL

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    spelling error

    theam should theme

    April 19th, 2004
    We put up the new theam for this site

    2-cents ;-)
    Rich DiFolco
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    thx, im still getting to know this keyborad, I just got a dell 300m and it is almost too small

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    Seems you might be reselling, your site is on their network and you claim the same bandwidth providers. Is that true? if not, please clarify.
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    Yeah, but were giving TRUE managed services, every client will have a server admin to talk to and anything you request will be done within 2 hours. and more.... im working on that part of site now and I have 1 client!

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    He might. Good observation.
    Rich DiFolco
    CEO USA Linked, LLC

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    What exactly is a DUEL Xeon?

    Is that where two Xeons go head to head in a DUEL in the wild west?

    Perhaps you should change it to DUAL Xeon

    Have you sold any of these?

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    Nice prices - The only problem i see if that if you are using and providing truly managed services then thats great but a lot of the horror stories ive heard about them are servers being down for sometimes days etc - How would you fix that if its their end? Their somewhat dodgy reputation might put people off if they know you are using them.

    Just my thoughts

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    Prices look nice and cheap! I would mark up more for managed servers...

  14. Exactly. Mark it up. You value your time don't you?
    Managed server should cost 50% more than unmanaged one.

    Originally posted by adaptivehost
    Prices look nice and cheap! I would mark up more for managed servers...
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