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    Quality Webhosting from 4.25 per month

    Good Afternoon, WHT'ers, Alliance Net Hosting is prepared to offer you quality webhosting plans at reasonable pricing! Our quality plans start at a minimal $4.25 monthly, these plans include the CPanel control panel as well as online support.

    To visit the Alliance Website click here:

    Our Platinum plan includes the following specifications:

    $4.25 Monthly!

    450 Megabytes of Disk Space
    5,500 Megabytes of Bandwidth
    10 Email Addresses
    5 Mysql Databases
    5 Sub-Domains

    Purchase Platinum Plan

    Our Spectrum plan includes:

    $5.25 Monthly!

    750 Megabytes of Disk Space!
    FOR a limited time: 10,500 Megabytes of Bandwidth !
    15 Mysql Databases
    15 Email Addresses
    10 Sub Domains

    Purchase Spectrum Plan

    The Majestic Plan:
    ( Our Most Popular)

    $6.25 Monthly!

    1,200 MB Of Diskspace
    15,000 MB Of Transfer
    100 email addresses
    50 Mysql Databases
    50 Email Addresses!

    Purchase Majestic Plan

    Alliance Net Hosting gurantees your websites will exhibit a minimum of 99.8% uptime and is backed by a cash back gurantee! All clients websites are hosted on a minimum of Dual Xeon 2.4 servers with atleast 1 gig of ECC registered ram. Alliance Net Hosting hardware is currently located at the Colo4Dallas facility in Dallas, Texas.

    We also offer custom reseller hosting plans which can be worked out on a individual basis, [email protected]
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