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    New Dedicated Servers in stock, 99% uptime, from $99, Lots of Bandwith, 24/7 support

    All servers managed 24/7, support 24/7 all have Cpanel and WHM, more info at our re designed site:

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    Seems like you're reselling, your site is hosted on and the bandwidth providers and most specs are the same, except bandwidth limits are lower. Why are the limits lower? Are you not reselling Please clarify, thanks.
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    I am reselling, but we are managing the servers 24/7 b/c doesnt. We have admins looking at the servers remotly. We basicly provide advanced support, install of apps and we maintain your server. We monitor your uptime via WebSitePulse and have a 99% uptime policy.

    Trust me, it is much better than going to it's self.
    We also provide free, branded support to your clients.

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    p.s. sorry if spelling is bad, I got a new laptop and the keyborad is too small, lol

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    mmm isn't that uptime policy missing a few 9's. 99% is over 7 hours of downtime a month. 3.65 days a year!

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    Sorry Didnt know you wanted 100% detailed, yes it is 99.9%, you get $20 back if we have 99.8 - 99.6% and $50 if we hav 99.6-99.0% and Full refund if under 98%

    Please contact us for any questions at: 1-877-830-0801

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    There is no problem in reselling servers. I am sure Techie Host would not be reselling servers if they were not a viable solution.

    Wouldn't it be better to have 2 levels of support then 1?

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