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    Gamer Axis Forum Launched!


    I am administrator of Gamer and I would like to announce that Gamer Axis's GRAND OPENING is today! We have been working for months on making this the right forum, to please the eye and be comfortable to the user. This site is based on the 1024x768 resolution + and high speed internet users. We have worked out our plan, and now we are hoping to grow. With your support and our work, we can grow together into the perfect "Online Gaming Community."


    Arcade: Over 60 Games to play in the arcade, allowing you to challenge other users to duel it out to the end. With High Scores board so that the best can be seen. (Requires 10 Posts to play in arcade.)

    Store: If you would like to buy a user title change, avatar, steal anothers points, and many more options to choose from, you can do. Featuring the THIEF, where you can take anothers money, and if you succeed your reputation will grow, if you fail, you will lose it.

    CONTESTS: Yes you heard it right, we are holding contests where you can win prizes through simple tasks, or tournaments. Our first prize is a Ahanix PC Case which can be seen at . We have not yet decided what the contest will be to win it, but if you keep up to date, you can find out, and maybe be the winner!

    Quick Threads: On the go and you want to make a really quick thread? Who needs to go through all of the clicking thread buttons, all you have to do is type the title and the message and click GO!. It's a quick reply in thread form!

    Great Forum Skin: We have gone through the process of making one of the best forum skins available. We have spent numurous days and hours tweeking the skin to suit the standard of todays high quality websites. It includes rollovers, great header, pleasing postbit, and much more.

    Please get your friends, family, neighbors, and others to join. For all you know, the next contest may be a refferal contest, and you would have a great head start.

    We at Gamer Axis would like to thank you for taking your time to read this, and we hope that you will come stay, invite some friends, and have a great time at our site.

    -Regards, Gamer Axis Administrator JOIN TODAY!

    Please comment and tell your friends to join and so on. Thank you!

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    very professional design

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    Yes, it's a very nice looking design.

    Best of luck with your forums.

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    Thank you. We will do our best to keep it up and running. We have 120 posts in the first day. I guess thats good for not advertising.

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    United Kingdom
    Very nice indeed, excellent work!

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    nice design.. looks like it took alot of work.
    The mechanical stuff is very detailed.. nice!!

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