Hi everyone,

There is currently advertising space available on www.happywebmasters.com

Free Advertising:

If you are interested in free advertising, for simply registering and making 50 posts you can have 2000 free impressions on the header.
Just register, once you make 10 posts, PM me (tomcromp)on the forum.
Do NOT spam to increase your post count. You can also save up your post for ads eg 100posts for 4000 impressions etc

Premium Advertising:

happywebmasters.com has banner advertising available in the header.
this is a great way to get to name out there site known and sales
Cost: $3$ a day with unlimited impressions. Minium purchase of 10 days

All advertisers have a login to check stats on their advertising campaign using phpads new.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising PM me or email:[email protected]

Sats: www.happywebmasters.com/stat1.jpg

If you have any questions just ask