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    Byte Technology offers a wide range of services to simplify the support tasks of a company enabling it to concentrate on its product market rather than spend time and money supporting it.

    We provide several different pricing plans and levels of service to fit your needs. Because of our advanced systems and flexible plans we can tailor packages to be cost effective for any type, size or style of web hosting company.

    Our Services Include:

    - Email Support or Support via Help Desk
    - 365x24x7 Support
    - 1 Hour Response
    - 4 Hour Resolution
    - Sales as well as Technical Ticket Handling
    - Apply Operating System Patches and Security Checks
    - Operating System Troubleshooting
    - DNS Issues
    - IIS Issues
    - Mail Server Issues
    - Database Server Issues
    - Back Planning and Scheduling
    - 365x24x7 Emergency Support

    and more...

    Contact: [email protected]

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    Did you mean management service and handle ticket support for us?

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    Yes, server management and ticket/email support for hosting companies.

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    Sorry, my question wasn't too clear, handle ticket/email for my clients?

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    If you are running a hosting company or a reseller and would like to offer customer sales and technical support or get your servers managed for system upgrades, patches or other issues, we can handle that for you.

    So basically, we handle your clients requests which they may be posting at a support desk or via emails.

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