We launched CWIPanel our Windows 2000 and 2003 Hosting Control Panel http://www.cwipanel.com late last year. We have several web hosts using the panel at the moment and 2 distributors advertised on our site.

We are about to start a marketing campaign to aggressively promote the panel and are looking for individuals to become distributors of the panel and sell the panel from their web site. The retail version of the panel is $499 up front or $49.95/mo. Hosting Partners get the panel at $299 upfront or $29.95/mo. Distributors will get the panel at lower pricing, so they can make decent profits selling the panel to end users and Hosting Partners.

We are looking for 5 - 10 distributors who will be advertised on our site http://www.cwipanel.com/distributors.asp as distributors of the panel, and who will get the Panel at very low prices for resale. There are no fees to become a Distributor, but there is an agreement to sign. Also, there are some rules to follow when selling as a distributor.

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor of CWIPanel, please email [email protected] with your name email address and phone number, and let us know how many copies you project you can sell each month. We will be making our decision on the 5 - 10 people chosen by the end of this week Friday April 23rd , so you will need to send us the email by that time. We will send all applicants info on what pricing they will get the panel at. There will be 3 levels of pricing depending on the volume of you sell.

For more info on CWIPanel visit http://www.cwipanel.com