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    what do u feel is fair response time on a trouble ticket?

    i say an hour or 2....

    am i looking for to much?

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    I would say definatly within 12 hours

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    I believe the response time of an hour or two is quick good and you not asking for so much. Even companies replying to your ticket within 4 hours should be just fine.

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    This largely depends on how many customers the company has. But nevertheless in my opinion everything above 12 hours is unacceptable. Of course, for a company that claims to have outstanding support, response time should be much, much lower - affordable multiple domain hosting solutions
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    For emergencies under an hour. For normal sales or support messages under 8-12 hours.

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    Our parent's company's policy breaks down response time:

    Emergency 24x7x365 -> 15 minutes or less to respond.

    Non emerency, but during "office" hours -> 15 to 30 minutes to respond.

    Non emergency, but outside of "office" hours -> within six hours to respond (though often the actual is within 1 to 2 hours).

    Thank you.
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    about 1-2 hours during normal business hours for non emergency is fair. Around 15 minutes when there's an emergency.
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    I think around one hour to two hours or less is a good response time.

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    Let's be realistic, folks. I give a 24 hour turnaround time, in most cases, for resolution, unless it's an emergency. In MOST cases, the problem's usually resolved first chance it can be, however, for us smaller guys, we don't have the budget, nor the strength to man a 24/7 help desk.
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    I've always used this breakdown:

    Excellent: Within 5 hours
    Really good: Within 12 hours
    Good: Within 24 hours
    Perhaps time to look for a new host: Longer than 24 hours

    This breakdown is not perfect, and there are some issues that require a certain period of time which may affect response time, but I've found it to be an accurate assessment.


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    Recent experience with 365main/netoptex

    Last night at about 10pm, I got 4 subsequent lost sessions to my datacenter, followed by about 120 seconds of not being able to route in.. Checking traceroutes, I saw there was a problem with atime warner router.. Called in at 10:30pm, left a trouble ticket.. It got assigned to an engineer at 10:35, at 10:50 it was cleared up with a note that they were having problems with timewarner and it took a few minutes for routes to reconverge..

    I was very satisfied.

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    I usually get a response at any time of the day within about 15-30 minutes. I think that is excellent. It is also the main reason (aside from price) that I chose my host. The longest ticket was about 1 hour.

    I'm not talking about resolution, just a qualified response. So far I have two sites hosted through
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    a fair response time?

    --Emergency tickets (under 4 hours to resolution --with some exceptions of course -- and communication is key, you must let the customer know you are working on the problem)

    --Non Emergency tickets (under 24 hours dependant on type of problem)

    I think it's important that hosts make sure the customers know the support procedures and what they can expect, if you promise 1 hour responses you better be able to provide that --always--, if you offer guaranteed response within 24 hours the same applies.

    While the vast majority of tickets I receive with my company can be handled in minutes with a simple reply with information or an adjustment to the server/s , oftem times I find that no matter how fast I reply I end up waiting up to a day or two to get a reply (if I ever get one) back from the customer if I have requested more information from them.

    My point? As long as you clearly state what the customer can expect and you meet those goals you are doing good.
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    Originally posted by ExtremeIS

    My point? As long as you clearly state what the customer can expect and you meet those goals you are doing good.

    I think ExtemeIS hit the nail on the head here. Different demographics/markets have different expectations of a host and they will choose their host accordingly. As long as you meet their expectations, whether it be 10 minute or 48 hr response times, they should be happy with your service.

    However, if you really want to use support as a means of promoting your business, the "gold standard" is definately a consistant 30minute-1hr or less response time(resolution time is a different story and much harder to quantify).

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    Professor hit the nail on the head.

    "resolution time is a different story....."

    A response time, can mean many things. A response could be "we will look into this issue for you, and will get back to you as soon as we have reached a resolution", or "fixed.." etc.

    The two are very far apart in actual value, but both fall under the generic question for response time.

    Response times in general should be between 5 minutes, and 4 hours, if the company advertises "24/7". There's so many variables that come into it, that it's almost impossible to give a clear-cut answer.


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    Re: what do u feel is fair response time on a trouble ticket?

    Originally posted by Dj Trinity
    i say an hour or 2....

    am i looking for to much?
    It depends on what you bought.

    If you bought a webhosting package with a promise of a 2 hour response time then you are not looking for too much.

    If you bought a webhosting package with a promise of a 24 hour response time then you are definatly looking for too much as it is something you did not purchase.

    In short... I do not know what you purchased so I cannot answer your question

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    Depends on the complexity of the problem 0 - 24 hours. However, no matter how difficult the problem, the merchant should keep you posted. Communication is key.

    I ordered a dedicated pkg with and it took them 48 hours before they contacted me, and via email, to verify my credit card, which belong to my mother. Mind you, my acct was to be set up 24 - 72 hours. Seven days later, after emailing them a few times, and calling them four times, I was forced to cancel my account. Then and only then I received an email that they didn't have a box with FreeBSD. Had they told me that from day one and offered me something to compensate for the 14 days, I would've been ok with it. But instead, they gave me the run around for nine days, then I said keep your server, cancel my order.

    I'm learning a major lesson with support. I waited 72 hours with Hostgator and received no response about an email issue, except their autoresponder saying someone would reply. I had to send another email. Then they finally responded to that email "claiming" they replied (Hotmail) but it came back. Prior to purchasing a hosting package (dedicated server) and doing research, I communicated with hostgator and NEVER had trouble getting email from them, all of a sudden, I have spam filter on, which I don't even bother with on hotmail. Interestly enuf, I have them in my address book, so go figure.

    I purchased a program from a company and they truly offer support. They make no excuses. If I submit a trouble ticket, they email me back for my name/password to get on my site. The next email I receive from them is to tell me the problem's been fixed, case closed. They generally respond within the hour if I request support during business hours. If I request support after business hour, they generally have problem resolved first thing in the morning. My "so called" spam filter doesn't block their communicae, just Hostgator's.

    The email Gods have smiled on me because now I'm able to send/receive "some" email. If I keep praying, my mail relay issues might be resolved such that I can send/receive all messages. That which was a bug with FreeBSD/Cpanel now seems hopeful. Iím still searching for a solution to my email woes. Maybe if I keep praying/moaning, my email issues will be fixed as I know this can't be just a problem with FreeBSD/Cpanel. Wouldn't everyone have the same problem? I'm not the only nut using FreeBSD and Cpanel? So, it leads me to think their are "other" causes. hmmm. But, I only have an MIS degree and nine years tech/network experience, so, wht do I know?

    Anyone knows of any great webhost (need dedicated servers) who truly knows Unix, let me know. Iím looking for four other dedicated server and donít want to go down the same road Iím down right now. The support hasnít proven itself to me yet. I need people with more tech experience than me.

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    If they don't have someone in Instant Message to help, I say the heck with 'em.

    I say it depends on the situation... major downtime = everyone e-mails them... should have a support page for members. One off... between 5 minutes to 12 hours is acceptable. Anything beyond 12 hours the company should fold... it is not really support anymore. Even a blanket e-mail saying "this" or "that" is wrong I would consider support. But if nothing is going on and a general question... I stick with 12 hours.
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    4 hours max 24/7

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    Re: what do u feel is fair response time on a trouble ticket?

    Originally posted by Dj Trinity
    i say an hour or 2....

    am i looking for to much?
    Depends on what you want in the ticket. The simpler the request the shorter time it should take. Some problems can take a while to resolve, DNS for example, or assigning ips, domain transfers, all of those can be time consuming. Tracking down obscure problems, wierd email problems can sometimes take us several tries and different people trying it to get it nailed down, it's usually something silly but sometimes those silly little things can take lotsa time to hammer out.

    "can you please enable frontpage" shouldn't take more than a couple hours at most or other relatively simple questions.

    A "response" should be quick, few minutes to an hour or two at most, a "resolution" well that depends.
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    Sponge we have no reason to lie to you. I can forward you the whole ticket if you would like to read it all including the responses you seem to have never received.
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    We work to respond to all tickets with or without resolution within 4 hours. If there is a server problem those are picked up very quickly as we keep 24x7 checks on all servers. The night crew answers a LOT of questions about general html and things like that though. ALL tickets come in as emergency priority you will find when you have a ticket system. Most people will not mark them as a low or medium priority.

    Anything that requires root access is responded to and customers are informed that an admin will have to assist them. Key is communication and try to do it as quickly as possible.

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    Originally posted by kris1351
    ALL tickets come in as emergency priority you will find when you have a ticket system. Most people will not mark them as a low or medium priority.
    But the ones that do, can build a reputation with their host. If a client marks lower priority tickets correctly, and then has one they need an answer to at a higher priority - they get it.

    Back on topic - it really surprises me how many here think 12 hours is a "pass". Even with budget hosting 12 hours seems like a huge wait.
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    I agree with you all, but let's not get caught up semantics -- response time vs. resolution time. I think any time a paying customer has a problem, their assumption is that "response time" from the vendor/merchant means problem resolved, ticket closed. With autoresponders, you get a response within a minute, I hate those things. I find them to be quite impersonal.

    The first thing I learned in business school; the customer doesn't care about my problem, and downtime, and routers and all that jive; how can you "fix my problem" or get my product to me is all they care about. Since she/he is paying, that's the only thing they should care about. I did tech support for 9-10 years and "response" time on a ticket was completion of the ticket, even if it meant I communicated to the end-user immdiately and required multiple trips to complete a job; we counted the response as in how long it took to close out the ticket, period.

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    I say in an hour or 2.

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    I think fair responce time is around 2 hours in business hours (in the time zone where the host is located) and 4 hours at any other time but that's just me.

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    Response time should be: 20 Minutes
    Resolution time should be max 2 hrs.

    If the problem is complex then there has to be fallow ups and updates about the situation every hour. At any point in time customer should not feel that he has been left alone with the problem.
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    less than 24 hours is ok, over 24 is not acceptable.
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    What's with the resurrection of a 5 month old thread?

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    I would say anything better than what has provided me.

    I stopped getting email after last Thursday, but did not fully realize it as I was out of town for the weekend.

    On Sunday night I opened a ticket via the web (because they offer NO phone support now). I got NO help for 24 hours. Then they updated my ticket saying that they had moved me to new hosting servers and had sent me an email about it. But they sent the email to an invalid address, one I used years ago when i set up the hosting. All of my contact info was updated about 2 years ago to the new email address, but they did not use that! Here I am on Tuesday morning, still with no email regarding the new hosting servers. I am going crazy.

    Over 36 hours and no resolution? All because these people can't send information to the right email address?

    And what's with offering web help only?

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    It depends on what the tech support terms were when you signed up. If they are 24/7 and offer support then I expect a reasonable time frame. ER's need to be communicated within 30 minutes, no excuses.... ALL other tickets need a response time of within 4-6 hours. COMMUNICATION is the KEY!

    Cyberspace is open 24/7 and your host should be able and prepared to run 24/7. No excuses! Even if you are a "little" guy you should be prepared for 24/7. If you know you will be off line tell your clients outside the times your support terms... I would rather have many emails telling me that you are not available then play the waiting game!

    And please don't advertise "live help" that is never live!

    Getting your business up and running is an expensive venture. A host should be dependable, professional and timely!

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    I think that 2-4 hours is reasonable for simple questions and 4-12 hours for more advanced questions that need investigation first.

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