4PSA Central Login 1.10 is the new version of the highly appreciated 4PSA solution which solves one of the most important issues of hosting companies that own more than one Plesk server.

4PSA Central Login offers a centralized, unique login interface to all Plesk servers, without sacrificing security, speed or features.

With 4PSA Central Login, your clients will be able to login to any Plesk server no matter what version it is. As an administrator you will be able to control the entire process, view logs, add new servers, manage preferences, etc. The central login form can be integrated in your business website and can be branded accordingly.

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4PSA Central Login is compatible with Plesk 5, Plesk 6, Plesk 6.5, and Plesk 7 servers. The management interface is compatible with Plesk 7, and Plesk 6.

Please find below the comments of Tristian Baltoldo, owner of a successful medium sized hosting company.

“We had seven Plesk servers when we discovered 4PSA Central Login almost six months ago. Our resellers are very happy because most of them had accounts on multiple servers and it would have been very stressful for them to walk between different login forms and to send different login links to their clients.
Currently we administer over twenty Plesk servers in different datacenters and we are amazed about the new features of the Central Login. I enjoy the centralized log interface, the easy server add procedure and my clients really love the new ‘Forget password’ features. 4PSA Central Login was a major advantage we provided.”

The new 4PSA Central Login introduces an aggressive pricing structure, which makes it affordable for any business.

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